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  2. Huron Photos

Mixmen Open International

From: John Cuthbert

Hi Roger,
Some weeks ago I suggested that the MIXMEN Open International, that takes place in Mongolia after the World Champs, could be used to try out the new 2016 rule changes. Well to my surprise they appear to have taken the suggestion on board as according to the latest bulletin from Mongolia, this event will be run with 5 rounds and 4 second engine run for F1C. There is no mention of a 4 minute max for all classes in rounds one and five but at least it will show the visiting CIAM members the real effects of their recent “unpopular” decisions. I hope that many F1C flyers, with a variety of model configurations, geared and straight drive engines, fixed, flapped and folding wings will take part, particularly as there is a first prize of 3000 Euro up for grabs. Finally I can tell all my non aeromodelling friends that the sport I love has now got some “professional status” with big bucks up for grabs instead of another tin trophy. Perhaps my friends may now start to understand why I fly this class and travel the world to fly “toy aeroplanes”. See you all in Mongolia.

Regards, John Cuthbert,

Huron Cup photos

From: tony mathews

Roger this is a better link to the Huron Cup photos:

Thank you,


Roger Morrell