National Free Flight Society

SEN 2038

Table of Contents – SEN 2038

  1. CIAM Plenary Report
  2. F!C Protest Update -2 corrected
  3. Quay Valley Utopia
  4. All Politics are Local
  5. Andy’s Book

CIAM Plenary meeting report
From: Chuck Etherington

Hi Roger,

A report on the CIAM Plenary meeting is available on the NFFS website and contains the following:
The Technical Subcommittee (S/C) members in attendance and the countries they represent
The S/C voting prior to the Technical Meeting (T/M)
The S/C vote during the T/M
The full Plenary vote.

There is also a brief explanation of the process.

To find it go to , the NFFS website, then go to “RECENT POSTS” and click on “Report on the 2015 CIAM F1 Plenary Meeting,” then click on “Report on the CIAM Plenary Meeting, Lausanne, Switzerland, April 24 and 25, 2015.

Chuck Etherington

F1C Protest Update – 2 editing correction
From: Chuck Etherington

Subject: F1C Protest Update

On behalf of the U.S. F1C flyers and other interested parties, a similar letter has been sent to the AMA for the purpose of formal submission to CIAM.

Chuck Etherington

Quay Valley Utopia
From: Ross Jahnke

Look on the bright side, maybe the Quay Valley development will have a real
coffee shop and a restaurant better than Denny’s. They might also sport a
Magic Timer retail outlet (modeled on the Apple store), or an Andriukov
Collection boutique modeled on Orvis, that features F1B parts and an
exclusive “AA” line of clothing.

Editor’s comment

I do question a little why one would do this in the middle of the San Joaquin valley. But I guess that’s why I’m geek not a real estate guy.

I can report that Mike Roberts and I are working on a drone coffee delivery from the nearest Starbucks to my 5th wheel on the Lost Hills field. As “professional sportsmen” Mike and I believe that this qualifies as part of Starbuck’s plan to deliver coffee to the work place.

All Politics are Local*
From: Bogdan Lemut

Dear editor,

Maybe we have a solution for the new 4 s F1C rule!!! Each organizer can
simply announce a 5 s local rule in their invitation and it would be
completely legal solution :-). I FAI accepts results of competitions with
‘local rules’ like no official timekeepers (as we see on events in USA,
RUS, UKR, SVK…), not adding 1 more timekeeper per starting pole in
flyoff, two competitors per starting pole in F1A flyoff (CZE), no official
clock (CZE), all jury members from one country, some competitors not in FAI
database on the day of event etc. etc… there I can not see any reason why
next year F1C could not be run with 5s engine run time as a legal ‘local

I think that there are not many World Cup events which are run completely
by the book (FAI Sporting Code). One might really question the validity of
overall WC standings, but it seems that we are all used to it, we close our
eyes because sometimes an individual competitor may even benefit from such
‘local rule’, sometime he/she may not… it’s a kind of compensation as we
have elsewhere in our lives 🙂

Best regards,

Bogdan Lemut

* Head line explanation

I was going to attribute this to a well known SCAT and NFFS contributor who works in providing services to political candidates but I checked the source of the quote on Wikipedia and found :

The phrase, “All politics is local” is a common phrase in U.S. politics. The former Speaker of the U.S. House Tip O’Neill is most closely associated with this phrase, which encapsulates the principle that a politician’s success is directly tied to the person’s ability to understand and influence the issues of their constituents. Politicians must appeal to the simple, mundane and everyday concerns of those who elect them into office.

On SEN we have a policy of being not involved with non-flying politics but I do realize that our contributor and Mr O’Neill are on the opposite sides of the isle so probably should give the credit where it is due.

Andy’s Book
Firstly for those who are not aware Andy Crisp is well known for designing, producing, flying and turning in very credible performances with inexpensive traditional airplanes.
He is also a very accomplished musician who can be very entertaining.

Quoting Graham Bryant :

All this link did for me was to freeze my damn computer….

Quoting the editor :

we were able to get to the link and look at the PDF book without difficulty

we do have quite a fast internet connection … and we were accessing
it from California to the server that I assume is in the UK


David Brawn replies:

Yes its a UK based server and OK here in UK as for Roger in CA.

I will look to put the pdf in the Amazon Cloud to give faster access.

Cheers David Brawn

Roger Morrell