National Free Flight Society

SEN 2020

Table of Contnets – SEN 2020

  1. Kiwi Cup F1S
  2. Re SEN 2018
  3. Kiwi Komments

Kiwi Cup
Horror or horrors according to Leeper we left out F1S out of the previous SEN
so here it is ..


Family Name Given Name Country Number Rd 0 Ro 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Flyoff Total Place
Ivers Dick USA 683557 182 120 120 120 120 120 120 720 1
Brooks Clint USA AMA 153181 207 120 120 120 120 120 107 707 2
Hines Lee USA 7334 180 120 120 120 120 120 104 704 3
Ralph Ray USA AMA 5007 141 120 120 120 120 120 76 676 4
DeLoach Don USA AMA 175015 135 120 120 120 107 120 587 5
Tarcher Benjamin USA AMA 14553 145 120 120 120 120 99 579 6
Murphy Jack USA 941945 154 120 120 110 100 120 570 7
Mitsuobu Wada JPN F-0024 133 120 110 96 120 120 566 8
Parker Julie USA USA347486 96 96 90 120 120 120 546 9
Mecham Allan USA 9398 113 113 120 120 25 90 468 10

Note that the first two columns are the same round and thr firdt column show the extended time that would have been used a tie breaker , if needed – it was not needed. But is included for the curious , like Leeper

RE: SEN 2018
From: hermann andresen

Do my eyes deceive me?Kiwi Cup, no NZ entries?Kiwi Cup, no Morrell?

Kiwi Cup, not even a Roger?

Was there a conflict of interest, Reporter not flying?Or was Roger Morrell CD & thus ineligible?
Other observation: New Rules cut down those maxing out in F1B & flying in 7 min round to 60% We’ve come a long way from the introduction of 10 min max (in 1948?)
when 0% of models would max w/out help.
Thanks for SEN,



Hermann, with an event like the Kiwi Cup it is not possible for the CD to fly in the event.

The weather was fine but the lift a little tricky and as always some sportsmen are adept at shooting themselves in the foot. This was responsible for the FO numbers not any clever rules changes.

The RDT requirement seemed to have a bigger adverse effect on the USA particpation in F1C than the 4 seconds ?

Kiwi Komments

Firstly wonderful weather, Lost Hills on it’s best behavior.

Thanks to Lindy Murrell for doing the score keeping single handedly for the 130 plus in the World Cup event and a great turnout in the Mini Events. As always Norm Furutani, his son Brian and old friend Tom Faith for all the preparation for the Ike Winter Classic that goes into making the event possible. Randy Weiler came in from Idaho to help and his assistance in the fly offs was most welcome.

Thanks to the sportsmen and friends who really stepped up help with the timekeeping in the fly offs to make them run smoothly and to Ian Kaynes who gave me some help in the interpretation of the latest fly off rules.

This year the jury members were Jim Parker USA, Pim Ruyter Netherlands who stepped in at the last moment when Henning was not able to do it and Igor Vivchar Ukraine. The nice weather and nice sportsmen made their job very easy.

Thanks to Janna Van Nest for coordinating with Gabby’s restaurant in Lost Hills to have their food truck on the field.

Thanks to Bill Vanderbeek forhis $ sponsorship of F1S

While not part of the Kiwi Cup it was great to see a group of youngsters from Lost Hills out on the field on Sunday running after their catapult gliders in their special event and having great time. Reminds many of us of our youth. Here credit goes to Jim Parker for working with Claudia, the community organizer in Lost Hills for setting it up, Mike McKeever for making custom kits of and 8 inch glider for the small kids , Stan Buddenbohm Scout 12 gliders Jim, Mike, Ralph Ray, Norm Furutani, Brian Van Nest and Roger Morrell who did the building session. Then a whole bunch of people including Fred Terzian, Pat and Gene Ulm who helped the kids on the field.

Also in the AMA dept it was good to see international visitors in the P-30, E-36 and small glider event.



Roger Morrell