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  1. 4 sec
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4 sec F1c..
After hearing from power flyers this rule change did more harm than good.. For all the talk about balancing the field and creating Interest back in power this does just the opposite.. And in a Big way..
Instead of controlling the technology and
opening up the event for more with a simpler model, this rule basically demands that u fly a folder, flapper.. A fixed wing model will have little chance under this format.. The last second of motor allowed them a little bit of time to reach maximum velocity that the folders and flappers hit at about 4 seconds. The fixed wing is still trying to get there after 4sec. Although they never do, it did allow them a shot..

Here is a better fix to level the playing field an create more Varity and possibly more interest in F1c again. First off 4 sec is over kill.. It’s actually going to be about 3.4 sec motor run. Sound delay . And it not too late to change this at the next CIAM meeting.
I purpose that we move back to 4.5 sec. motor runs for flappers and folders geared or not. This gets them out of the 9min round. And then for fixed wing, ,direct drive models allow 5 sec motor runs.

This will allow a new diversity to the event. I know this would level the playing field, if you will, and create more interest in F1c. We might get a lot of people back flying again just because they know they have a fair shot at winning..
Or if the powers to be think this is too much still look at 4 sec for flappers and folders and just add fixed wings direct drive at 4.5sec. That .5 sec is the basic difference between the two styles of power models and does not obsolete any of the models people own. The new rule virtually obsoletes all fixed wings models.

And by doing this it may create a new interest in what has been a leading edge technology event for many decades.
It wont be hard to do and there is time to get it done correctly. As it is now, it is demanding a folder. This proposals allows it to survive and maybe a slight rebound for a few more cycles. It may create the interest back in the event that has been declining since gears and flappers and folders became the way.. If there is interest in this then the flyers need to learn how to type and say something. Not just sit on the sidelines an whine about it.

Dont blame the rule proposers, speak up and show some interest to get it changed to a more interesting idea that will bring people back to what was a great event.
Michael Achterberg.
The last of the typing Dinos..

More on F1C from FB

John Lorbiecki
:What is everyone’s opinion on the new rules? Did this just make every direct drive, non folder or flapper model obsolete? People I have discussed this with think that unless you have one of these you are definitely out of competition…figuring I have to flood off at 3.6 seconds I am probably losing upwards of 1/4 of the normal altitude…

Randy Secor : For those who have the resources the F1c Factory just scored big time for new orders. Same results when engine runs went to 5 sec. New models and Gear engines. I have 5 models in the box that will not be competive at 4 sec. Back to Balsa models. Lost two F1C flyers me and my son.

Michael Sondhauß
I can not belive what the CIAM did. I have only normal models, one with gearbox. No Flapper or Folder. I´m out too. Stupid new rule! F1C is the only class with new rules. Thank you CIAM!

Colin Crowley
My opinion is that we all were on a pretty level playing field at 5secs engine development peaked & most of us could match the climbs of the so called professional sportsmen
Gears are great but at 3.6secs they the motor is still transitioning for optim…See More

Don DeLoach As if F1C didn’t have enough problems..,

Lars Olofsson No problems if FAI only had stick to the original “rules”. What’s wrong with them? As soon anybody had tried to stretch the rules, just stop it. Simply because its a competition between flyers and not manufacturers as it more or less are today. You can have the best workshop in the world but can’t pick an thermal. And I thought that picking thermal was what it all where about. Not anymore.

Bill Shailor This is an ill- conceived “fix” of a non- existent problem. Too bad.

Darijo Jermol
The highest speeds are achieved between 3.5 and 4.5 sec, but the greatest irregularities and errors in the path too.

Damjan uli? This was untested proposal and this new rule serves only its own purpose .. 4 sec engine run means about 60-65% of the “old” 5 sec altitude

Chris Edge This rule change was probably inevitable given the performance increases over the years which has gone un-checked, particularly geared engine and variable geometry that could have been stopped before then became established. Of course the manufactures will enjoy the short-term sales of new equipment but after that the numbers flying will be so small that their business will probably be down to very small numbers. There is no easy solution to this without it hurting someone.

Nick’s Suggestions (Re: SEN 2005)


I never did reply to your excellent set of objectives for FAI free flight competition earlier this year, since no one was going to listen.
But now that the FAI free flight rules have been agreed, I suggest we can all get on and work out how we can attract new free flight flyers in our respective regions and countries.
Thirty five years ago I had a similar problem of how I could raise membership, to generate income to pay for advertisements to rebuild the Olympic Finn Sailboat Class in the UK. Our National Governing body wanted our sailboat class thrown out of the Olympics as it was too old, expensive and unpopular. I resolved that I wanted every man and boy that had any interest in sailing a dam physically hard, macho, boat to at least join the Association and to at least turn up for the first days racing at the Nationals. I needed to engage with every type of sportsman/sailor. I needed to find a way of getting 18 year olds, who did not have a great income, started.
The following vision outlined in the attached paper for F1A has been adapted from that original promotional advertisement cranked out on an old fashioned portable typewriter. This vision was originally sent to SEN as an “April Fool” but somehow it got filed.
I have no problem with using appropriate technology, indeed I have a couple of scientific university degrees and an interesting blue chip career path, but to run an Association it is all about the people participating in an enjoyable activity that fit the environmental limitations that matter. I fully understand that Lost Hills is a very special flying site, but here in the UK the wind rarely falls below 10 – 14 mph and the down wind range before the trees often 400 – 1000 yards/metres, so an even higher launch makes our hobby kind of frustrating. We have to engage with a broader and new audience, especially those coming up for retirement.
I will not bore the readers with further prattle, only to say it is a good job that I kicked arse 35 years ago, otherwise a certain Brit might not have won the America’s Cup for the Yanks as the tactician for America’s Cup defender Oracle Team USA!!! It took a person to bring that USA team and technology back from oblivion. It is people that really matter, not technology.



The most rewarding free flight model for Juniors, World Champion aspirants and now ‘Classic with extra height’ In recent years, Great Britain has dominated the World FAI glider rankings, winning every World Championship since Sculthorpe 2020 and the World Masters Championship nine times over the same period. But you don’t have to be a World or World Masters champion to enjoy flying the F1A glider, this rich heritage and easy access to technical expertise just makes it even more enjoyable to fly. What other model plane offers the chance to fly against world champions on international venue flying sites and then share a beer together after flying? F1A glider flying isn’t j ust for World Champion aspirants, there are just as many Juniors, indeed the bulk of the UK squadron are made up of Masters flyers. Each group have their own goals:- Juniors have the Silver Cup – the Junior World Championship;Masters – the World Masters that attracts 250-300 competitors; whilst the UK’s elite international development squad has a full calendar of international competitions in the best free flight venues worldwide. We welcomee everyone, you don’t need a bank loan to take part. Indeed the third member of each National team can only fly affordable, simpler model sat Major Championship events. Why? Many of the world’s top model fliers served their apprenticeship in F1A free flight and all talk of the lifelong friendships and camaraderie that the class is famous for. The UK F1A circuit boasts an active calendar of both club based and national events. Whilst relaxing fun flying may be your choice,there are opportunities for up-skilling, with training from World class fliers and coaches plus optional competitions abroad if you fancy. The great UK heritage inF1A flying means there is always a good supply of used models and equipment available to get you started, with many club flyers buying equipment cheaply from the international team members after just a couple of seasons use. 2016 sees F1A gliders again being built in the UK by model builders for less than £50; whilst M&K, Vyacheslav, Bolgov, W-Hobby and many other professionally built models are well represented, so there is no shortage of competitive models available at reasonable prices. Put off by the physical reputation of free flight gliders. The modern F1a can in fact be flown competitively with a simple ‘up and off’ towlaunch; or by running round towing the glider with a shorter towline – but being able to detect lift does help! A wide range of designs are available to suit various weather conditions or flying styles, and by selecting the right type of model you can be competitive in most conditions. The F1A glider is actually easier and cheaper to fly than most other classes, but still provides all the goose bumps of model circling higher into the sky on a thermal! A growing route in for fliers on a tight budget with a relaxed flying approach is with the ‘Classic with Extra Height’ option. Any pre-1985 designed model can now be flown at FAI events using a 75 m towline, allowing models that cost less than £50 to be super-charged with a simple ‘up and off’ tow launch to make the pre 1985 designed model pretty competitive against the latest electronic F1A models.Post 1985 carbon F1A models hold their value remarkably well as the stronger carbon based structures are more resilient resulting in minimal wear and greater longevity with 10 year old models regularly winning major championships. To find out if the F1Amodel flying is for you, contact one of our friendly squadron representatives at your nearest F1A club and try a model for yourself. You will be assured of a warm welcome and plenty of advice as to what model will best suit your budget and model flying ambitions. Don’t delay – fly a F1A today! FOR DISCUSSION,DISSECTION & IMPROVEMENT ONLY

Roger Morrell