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SEN 2005

Table of Contents – SEN 2005

  1. Am Cup to date
  2. BFMA FFFnow at NFFS Shop
  3. On Martin Dilly ideas.

America Cup results so far – with individual placings

Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:

SWR 11
Ike 14
NAC 12
MM 15
SCA 10

1 Parker, Jim 77 SWR-2 NAC-1 MM-2 SCA-5* SAN-4*
2 Rosenzweig, Shlomi 66 SWR-1 SCA-3 SAN-1
3 VanNest, Brian 65 SWR-3 Ike-5* NAC-2 SCA-2 SAN-2*
4 Danier, Jama 55 Ike-2 MM-1
5 Pecenkovic, Enes 44 SWR-5* Ike-1 NAC-4
6 McKeever, Mike 40 Ike-3 NAC-3* MM-3
7 Limberger, Rene 28 SCA-1
8 Bauer, Ken 25 Ike-4 MM-5 SAN-5*
9 Barron, Peter 15 MM-4
9 Stalick, Alex (jr) 15 SAN-3
11 VanNest, Austin (jr) 13 SWR-4
11 Jones, Kyle 13 SCA-4
13 Brocks, Peter 9 NAC-5

Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:
SWR 10
Ike 23
NAC 22
MM 24
SCA 11
Srn 0
BAl 0

1 Ghio, Walt 64 SWR-1 MM-3 SAN-1
2 Jensen, Blake 61 SWR-5 NAC-2* MM-2 SCA-1
3 Andriukov, Alex 60 Ike-4* NAC-1 MM-1 SAN-2*
4 Vaccaro, Tom 40 Ike-1 NAC-5* MM-5
5 Mathews, Tony 25 Ike-2
6 Emery, Jack 23 SWR-2
6 Raymond. Aimee 23 SCA-2
8 Schlosberg, Aram 20 Ike-3
8 Guest, Bernard 20 NAC-3
10 Pivonka, Jace (jr) 18 SWR-3
10 Booth, Bill 18 SCA-3
12 Schroedter,Martin 16 SAN-1
13 Horak, Ladi 15 MM-4
13 Batiuk, George 15 NAC-4
15 Crowley, Paul 13 SWR-4
15 Piserchio, Bob 13 SCA-4
17 Morrell, Roger 11 SAN-4
18 Jones, Charles 10 Ike-5
19 Ulm, Allan 8 SCA-5
20 Achterberg, Mike 6 SAN-5

Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:
SWR -x-
Ike 4
MM 9
SCA -x-
SAN -x-
Srn 0
BAl 0

1 Stiles, Charles 39 Ike-4* NAC-4 MM-1
2 Ellington, Jeff 37 Ike-3 NAC-5* MM-2
2 Chesson, Don 37 Ike-2 MM-3
4 Mc Burnett, Ron 27 NAC-1
5 Secor, Randy 25 Ike-1
6 Morris, Gil 22 NAC-2
7 Malkhasyan, Taron 17 NAC-3
8 Roberts, Mike 12 MM-4
9 Simpson, Roger 7 MM-5

Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:
SWR -x-
Ike -x-
NAC -x-
MM 2
SAN -x-
Srn 0

1 Schneider, Glen 45 MM-2 SCA-1
2 Malkhasyan, Sevak(jr) 25 MM-1

Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:
SWR 10
Ike 15
NAC -x-
MM 9

1 O'Dell, Tiffaney 70 SWR-3 Ike-1 MM-2
2 Jensen, Blake 52 Ike-2 MM-1
3 Masterman, Paul 45 SCA-2 SAN-1
4 Richardson, Mike 33 SWR-5 SCA-1
5 Brocks, Peter 30 SWR-4 MM-3
6 Petersen, Alan 28 SWR-1
7 Ghio, Walt 23 SWR-2
8 Horak, Ladi 20 Ike-3
9 Mathews, Tony 15 Ike-4
9 Pykelny, Mike 15 SCA-3
11 Guest, Bernard 12 MM-4
12 Clapp, John 10 Ike-5
13 Jones, Geralyn 7 MM-5

Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:
Ike 4
NAC -x-
MM 4
SAN -x-

1 VanNest, Brian 72 SWR-2 Ike-1 MM-1* SCA-1
2 Parker, Jim 66 SWR-1 Ike-2 MM-2 SCA-4*
3 Rozenzeig, Shlomi 37 SWR-3 SCA-2
3 Jensen, Blake 37 SWR-4 MM-4 SCA-3
5 McKeever, Mike 30 Ike-3 MM-3 SCA-5*
6 Bauer, Ken 10 Ike-4
7 Allnut, Peter 6 SWR-5

Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:
SWR -x-
Ike -x-
NAC -x-
MM 2
Srn 0

1 Scheinder, Glenn 45 MM-2 SCA-1
2 Secor, Randy 25 MM-1
2 Kerger, Terry 25 SAN-1
4 Scully, Bob 20 SAN-2
5 Bartick, Don 15 SAN-3

Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:
Ike 6
NAC -x-
MM 4
SAN -x-
Srn 0

1 Gewain, Matt 61 SWR-1 Ike-4 MM-4* SCA-1
1 Murphy, Jack 61 SWR-3 Ike-2 MM-1
3 Pykelny, Mike 46 SWR-2 Ike-5 SCA-2
3 Ivers, Dick J 46 Ike-1 MM-2
5 Lacey, David 16 Ike-3
6 Schlosberg, Aram 15 MM-3

Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:
SWR -x-
Ike 5
Cal 3
MM -x-
SCA -x-
SAN -x-
Srn 0
BAl 0

1 Brocks, Peter 25 Cal-1
1 Ivers, Dick J 25 Ike-1
3 Terzian, Fred 20 Cal-2
3 Murphy, Jack 20 Ike-2
5 Jones, Geralyn 15 Cal-3
5 Lacey, David 15 Ike-3
7 Gewain, Matt 10 Ike-4
8 Pykelny, Mike 5 Ike-5

2015 FF Forum now available from NFFS
From: Bob Stalick

The 2015 BMFA FF Forum is now available from NFFS Publications Services.
This 96 page publication features the best of British freeflght developments of the past year. 12 separate articles covering everything from Indoor to outdoor power, glider, rubber and scale. These books have sold out in past years. The new edition comes with a color cover and is printed on US size paper with a sturdy heavy paper cover. It has a comb binding and will lay flat on your workbench or table. Cost is the same as last year: $25 per copy plus $5.75 shipping in the US.

If not posted on the NFFS website yet, it wiill be shortly.

Bob Stalick, NFFS Publications Services

On Martin Dilly ideas.
To me this is on the right path but does not go far enough. I suggest lobbying for a set of rules that encompasses most of what you suggest. But make 3 new events for WCup and World an Euro Champs. I’m sure Hungary, next host for World Champs, would be on board. More entrees and they make more money to help support there countries aero programs. This is a solid idea that addresses a large group of flyers in all countries and there are a ton of these models that would be available. Just dust them off and go fly them..

F1a is easy. Go back to the standard in say ’95 as Martin suggested.
F1c is easy. Same thing. Fixed wing 95/97/100 in span, non geared models Now, I know there are a ton of these laying around because I supplied over 300 of them myself. And the Ukrainian shops supplied 100’s more. So that ones easy. But allow etimers in all events if flyers so choose. Not performance enhancing but for ease of flying. In ’95 only Fusov from Russia had folders and there were no flappers or geared engines.
Yes most wings were aluminum, but composites came out strong just after, so don’t make new rules eliminate them. That would be a mistake.

But here is the problem. F1b.. Yes composite wings but model designs haven’t really changed in 20 yrs. Yes etimers have been added, but DPR and VP had been around long before ’95. We have cut rubber down from 40gr to 35gr to the now 30 gr. The wing spans have bounced around over last 20 yrs but the WC that year, Jerry Fitch flew models with a 65in and 67in span. So did Alex as I recall. So we have went up a few inches. So the reality is we are all flying nostalgia in this event and not much has changed except for the amount of rubber allowed.
Now, 40 gr would be awesome again as in ’95, but probably shouldn’t go there. But it would be fun… So you guys figure out what to do with F1b and propose it.

Now we have 3 new/ old events that takes care of Nick and others that feel technology has gone to far and we have simpler model sort of. Well at least in F1a and F1c to use as a stepping stone to those that want to start out or come back to the thrill of free flight. And to Nick this should make his free flight experience more enjoyable and that of many others worldwide. Also there will be tons of models for sale at reasonable prices for all these events. Good for the newcomers to come in or back our sport.
So here you go guys. Get writing and get this done.. It is the flyers that must present ideas as Martin Dilly has done. This could be fun if people will write in and be counted. And it addresses all the issues the people that do write in are concerned about. But I do believe that setting up timing with GPS and altimeters should be allowed in both classes of events.. Both old and new.. See ya..
Michael Achterberg

Roger Morrell