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SEN 2003

Table of Contents – SEN 2003

  1. CIAM Decisions Summary
  2. Reality Check Guys
  3. Best of both Worlds
  4. Dino thanks Chuck
  5. SEN 2k

Summary of CIAM F1 Decisions
Information in text from Chuck Etherington – some transcriptions issues

pg 25 (a) 3.1.1 [Ban variable geometry in all classes – Germany] withdrawn.
Pg 25 (b) 3.1.2 [F1A – 40 m towline – Poland] withdrawn.
Pg 25 (c) [ 5 rounds in World and Continental Champs – FFTSC ]& 26
(e) 3.1.3 [4 minutes first round all classes in WC and CC – FFTSC]& 3.1.7 approved.
Pg 26 (d) 3.1.7 approved.
Pg 27 (f) 3.1.7 [F1A 4 minutes in WC and CC – Poland] withdrawn.
Pg 27 (g) 3.1.8 [ 6 minutes first fly off round – FFTSC]approved.
Pg 27 (h) 3.1.8, 3.2.8, 3.3.8 [split fly offs – FFTSC]approved with amended language to be non-mandatory.
Pg 28 (I) 3.1.11 [ 35 m F1A towline – Austria] withdrawn.
Pg 28 (j) 3.1.11 [ F1A 1.7mm dia towline etc – UK ] withdrawn.
Pg 30 (k) 3.2.1 [F1B ban variable geometry – Germany] withdrawn.
Pg 30 (I) 3.2.2 [F1B 25 grm motor – Poland] withdrawn.
Pg 30 (m) 3.2.11[F1B – prop must be turning at launch – UK] withdrawn.
Pg 31 (n) 3.3.1 [F1C ban variable geometry – Germany) withdrawn.

Pg 31 (o) part 1, 3.3.2 [F1C – use ethanol fuel – Austria] withdrawn.
Pg 31 (o) part 2, 3.3.2 [F1C – must have RDT – Austria0approved with modified language.

Pg 32 (p) 3.3.2 [F1C must use synthetic oil – Denmark ] withdrawn

. Pg 33 (q) [F1C Ethanol fuel – Germany] 3.3.2 withdrawn.
Pg 33 (r) 3.3.2 [F1C – 4 second motor run -Poland] approved.
Pg 33 (s) 3.3.2 [F1C – 4 second engine run -UK] withdrawn.
Pg 35 (u) 3.5.1 [Mini event – ban variable geometry – FFTSC] approved with modified language.

F1S – approved with ammended language on timing

2017 world champs: F1A, B, C Hungary; F1D Romania; F1E Romania;
Jr F1A, B, P Macedonia.

From : Nick Bosdet (recieved before CIAM meeting results)
Let put a few facts on the table. 1) I was asked why I no longer flew my FAI gliders and rubber models, the BMFA FFTC has had the gumption to ask questions about challenging problems that FAI FF faces. 2) I explained that I did not find yanking a glider up to 85 metres a satisfying experience, since it was rapidly lost to sight downwind, seems pointless and unrewarding.3) The experience of having to fight/ face down would be model thieves ‘s is not great. Free flighters nor anyone else has the right to come tramping across my fields! Wake up the world has changed ! 4) The need to go Lost Hills or similar to trim satisfactorily is stark raving bonkers.5) Above all I am sick to death, from hearing from introspective, whinging sportsmen about how THEIR models would be made out of date. What about my F1A wings with their 5.5 mm wing joiners. What about fliers with their electronic relatchable towhooks with multiple chances to launch if their current launch is not going to be good?What about the 30 or 40 odd F1A flyers who fly the class nationally, what about looking after their interests, rather than a small elite bunch. The rules for the FAI ff classes are not just about world champion want to be’s. IT IS ABOUT ALL OF US Do not forget it.7) If the current rules are so good, why have so many pre-existing FAI free flight flyers given up???8) Yes keep your existing FAI FF rules for Lost Hills. Yes through discussion and common sense rewrite a new set of rules to suit smaller, windier, populated landscapes, if they turn out to be more than Northern European great. 9) Above all it does not matter if a massive breaking up of FAI FF occurs, it has got out of touch with real world realities and is happening now.10) So why on earth would I spend £2000 on a new model? Totally and utterly nuts.
Enjoy it whilst you can, work is more enjoyable, cheerio Nick

The Best of Both Worlds for the F1 Classes
From: Martin Dilly(recieved before CIAM meeting results)

OK, I accept that many of the people currently in the F1 classes have a lot of money tied up in geared/flapped/folding/DPR/VP/bunting models (delete as appropriate) and their development is one of the fascinations of any objective sport like free-flight. Of course they should be able to compete for places on their national teams and take part in World Championships.

However, suppose they were flying their current technology models for two of the three team places, with the third one required by the FAI to be taken by the sort of lower technology model current say 15 years ago?None of the expensive and complex wiggly bits that discourage building your own model, no geared engines or VP hubs, circle tow (easier for the older flyer anyway) but no bunting for the gliders. That would encourage people to get involved with simpler models but still play an essential part in their team’s result. Seeing more advanced models up close as a part of the team they were on, rather than as an outsider viewing some sort of costly and inaccessible pinnacle, could be just the incentive needed to get the numbers up, and give the best of both worlds, encouraging newcomers without turning today’s models into expensive obsolete scrap and losing their disheartened owners.

Martin Dilly (still flying F1A)

Dino Thanks Chuck.

Chuck Ethington carried the support at the CIAM meeting for the issues the flyers wanted. Non of the proposals except the motor run in F1c passed. He did a great job lobbying support for us.. Thank you Chuck from all of us..
Now, we have time to address the issues at hand and come up with real solid solutions and there are many. The flyers need to learn how to type, not just read and whine.
First lets get the timing issue addressed with altimeters and GPS. This fixes so many issues. From line of sight, going out of sight and helps determine a fair an accurate result. Fixes many of small field issues. It helps CD get contests finished quicker without chasing down timers. Makes most fly off issues easier to manage. It will shorten fly off schedule by not having to wait for flyers to get back from chasing to time next flyoff in next event. Therefore allow CD better use of time before sunset.. Allow contest to finish in evening without worrying about low light visibility issues. This is a win, win for the organizers, CD, and flyers..
Next come up with some real easy fixes to control performance and fly off numbers.
Ban thermistors is a good start here. Maybe propose slight line length adjustments for glider. Or a time limit on towing before its an attempt. Say 10 min like a fly off. F1c at 4 sec is overkill. Lets not go crazy with it, but present real ideas without killing events. Example would have been 28 gr rubber which would have been reasonable, instead of knee jerk ideas like no DPR, no incidence changes,25gr or stuff like that.
But I believe that timing issues can be solved with technology, and a wind speed reduction, and no thermal devices will address most issues.
Next, falling entrees. The Dinos for the most part just want to do what we do. They are not lobbying for ideas to get info out in Mainstream.. Lets get the companies they work for involved somehow. Lets get the internet working for us. Bike magazines, jogging magazines , dike bike magazines, school programs for getting the word out about what we do. Everyone has boxes of old NFFS issues. Take them to your hobby shops and ask owner to put on there counter for look see. Give them a contact info number. We will catch a few that way.. RC is boring. Free flight is exciting. We can get people involved if they know about what we do. I’m sure there are ideas out there but no one steps up. Now is your time.. Learn to type an present them..
Once again many thanks to Chuck for all his work on subcommittee and lobbying our issues at the CIAM meeting. Great job..
Michael Achterberg

SEN 2000
Hi, Roger.
I’d like to join the chorus and add my heartfelt thanks. SEN is an incomparable resource for the FAI community. Thank you so much for all your time, effort, and expertise. You’re the best!

Pete McQuade
Colorado Springs

SEN 2000
From: Hobby Club

Job well done….keep it up..!!

Roger Morrell