National Free Flight Society

SEN 2002

Table of Contents – SEN 2002

  1. Best Wishes for Marty Thompson
  2. 2001
  3. Tucson
  4. Pro Dino Now

Best Wishes for Marty Thompson
From: Ed Carroll

Roger. Can you post a note that Marty Thompson is quite ill and in an Oregon hospital ?
Prayers and good wishes from the modeling community are appreciated at this time.
Ed Carroll

Re: SEN 2001 or rather 2015
From: Jim Lueken.
Roger needs a raise in pay!

Thanks for the huge amount of work you put into SEN! We definitely need to talk to management and get you a raise! All in favor say “I” !
The best idea I’ve heard yet concerning the F1 rules came from Roger Simpson a while back on SEN. Leave the planes alone and change the flying rules. Baste on his suggestion here’s what I’ve come up with:
5 one hour rounds, 3 minute max each round
Start fly off with rounds 6&7, sill 3 minute max but 5 minute launch window and then some time for retrieving.
From round 8 on, 5 minute max and 5 minute launch window…and then time for retrieving.
If a meet is started early in the morning the flyoffs can start around noon before the wind is at its worst.
Just a thought from a want-a-be free flighter.

Jim Lueken

Thanks from Tucson

From: Mike Keville

Let me add my thanks for your continued efforts with SEN. Those of us who’re no longer actively flying Free Flight do nonetheless appreciate being kept up-to-date on things.

Mike Keville
Tucson, AZ

Pro Dino Now

From: michael achterberg

Dinos can’t write.
Well Damjan can, but few others. I know they can read, but this typing thing seems a little hard for them. But most, like 90% agree with Damjan. Simple solutions like banning thermosters, cutting wind limit down, allowing development of altimeters/ GPS to time with seem to mundane to discuss.. Better idea is to destroy all 3 events by making exiting models illegal. And I will bet that none of these proposers have any big investment in money or time in current models. No skin in the game if you will.. So for them and the hundreds, if not thousands of new modelers waiting in the wings for these new models to become the lowly standard of what was the most advanced flying machines in the world, I have the answer.. We make any of those rule proposals the F1ABC standard. Done! 100’s, 1000’s of new entrees. And we keep the current classes and call them Pro divisions.. Both flown with WC status.. Now we have base events for everyone and of course all the 1000’s of new flyers will fill the contests up with entrees. Win. Win.. Us old dinosaurs can still play with our toys and the massive flood of new flyers have their toys leading the resurgence of free flight worldwide..
Now, how can anyone not approve of this.
Hell, we might even see some of the Non DPR ,25gr flyers decide to try our over the top high technology models. Same with F1a and F1c.. So those who want these rule proposals please write in to Sen and explain why not! Would love to have some more to read about why this isn’t a win win.. We just call it Pro Series F1.

Simple plan. Easy. No downside.. What? Too reasonable? Too logical? Please write to enlighten me. Thank you..
Michael Achterberg

Roger Morrell