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SEN 2001

Table of Contents – SEN 2001

  1. Ivor F
  2. Proposals
  3. Fashionistas
  4. SEN 2000

Ivor F
Ivor F (VH 1) (AUS 1) has maxed out, last seen ascending in a thermal, DT’d.

A celebration of his life will be held at the Pinegrove Cemetery, Minchinbury NSW
at 10.00 am Tuesday 28th April 2015, followed by sandwiches and a few drinks
at the Rooty Hill RSL.

Tahn Stowe (AUS 3184)

Ivor F was one of the personalities of model flying in Australia. He had a huge collection of engines. Some of that collection and insight into Ivor F can be seen on the you tube video He was a retired school teacher who promoted a number of educational and political causes. The most well known being the simplification of spelling. In support of that cause he legally changed his name from Ivor Francis Stowe to Ivor F


From: Damjan Zulic

The day is arriving where the CIAM will be deciding on all of the proposals about changing the rules in the FAI competitions. I really hope that those decisions will be wise and in the benefit of the aeromodeling competitions, and progress. I really hope that all the suggestions will be denied, and that all the problematics will be given into settlement where we can together find the solutions for some eventual problems because I somehow can’t get rid of the impression that the goal of some proposals mainly points to the ending where we will with an enormous financial investing get the models with whom we have competed 30 or 40 years ago.
I also believe that some of the suggestors haven’t been active in the field for quite some tome.
I am quire sure that those proposals weren’t tested in the field nor in practice but they were only given in theory without even thinking. I have some F1A models that were designed in 1995 (20 years) and i don’t have a plan to buy some LDA or flappers and despite that I enjoy to see the launches of present masters with the same models. My F1C models however are 10 to 15 years old. Because I own 3 gearboces and 2 folders (aged 10) I should be punished with the change so I could adapt to those who haven’t invested in the new technologies according to the german and brittish suggestions. Let them fly those nostalgia models.
I mean Germany is suggesting to forbid the folders and flappers by the 2018 Great Britaion is suggesting a limit of the wing span by 2020…who will give me money for new wings, because current models have a expiring date much longer than 5 or 10 years.
What should I do with the F1C folder wings? I guess I could donate them to the monument of shortsideness and limiting the progress in the spaces of the suggestors if those will be applied….Ethanol instead of methanol? Did someone even tested this suggestion in practice?
Once again I really hope for wisdom of the voters and I hope that the members of the sub-commitee who still are an active competitors will educate those suggestors about the nonsense of their suggestions even before there is no research as to what those suggestions would mean and do to our competitions and our wallets and the number of competitors. I am sure that apllying those sproposals would just mean as another big nail in the coffin of the FAI competitions.

Damjan Zulic

Free Flight Fashionistas


Free Flight Fashionistas

Having survved two days on Salisbury Plain for the London Gala could I make
an appeal for free flight aeromodellers to wear brighter gear when out on
the flying field. As a cold blustery wind swept in a mate reached for his
woolen beany hat, it was a dull greeny brown exactly the colour of cow
turd. Another mate converted his dark blue trousers into camos by taking a
header into the cow turds while towing for one flight.
Looking round the fliers it is apparent that we could easily be mistaken
for a bunch of overage poachers wearing dung coloured apparel so as to be
camoflaged in the counrtyside. When we do encounter landowners that is
probably what they think of us ‘Who are this bunch of vintage scruffs
equipped for plunder.’.

On a serious side if a flier takes a fall, heart attack or stroke while out
flying or retrieving, how would we find them?
Most of the FF competitors would simply merge into the landscape if they
fell over, making a successful recovery most unlikely.

Please could we start wearing bright coloured clothing that stands out
against the landscape. It makes us easier to see which is important when on
someone else’s land, or when you need to be found, and is a lot less
embarassing when we take a break at a local hostelry.

Biggles Abroad – that’s me in the Red or Orange jacket and orange hat.

Editor’s Comment …… David we were already ahead of you on this one. At this year’s Kiwi World Cup we gave special awards to the top F1A, B and C sportsmen over 75 years old.
yes , there were a bunch and they placed well.
The award comprised a bottle of NZ wine plus a broad brimmed hat in either Hi Viz Orange or Hi Viz Green. As usual no good deed goes un punished as there was some
question as which rated higher, the green or the orange. Clearly Orange if you came from Holland. Dr Antony Koerbin, F1A sportsman from NZ reports that the NZ cancer
Society has a good range they use as fund raiser, even with kids sizes. But I’m with yoiu david , protecting Dad and Grand Dad from the sun and finding him is just as important as the kids.

Re: SEN 2000
From: Juan Livotto

I would like to be the 2nd, Thanks a lot
Juan Livotto

Congratulations on reaching 2000 issues, Roger

From: sergio montes

Your SEN newsletter has proved an indispensable forum in many matters associated with competition flying.
It seems only yesterday when the number 1000 of the SEN issues came up. It is good to see the continuing support it gets, evident as most issues
carry items of real interest, often followed by meaningful discussion.

My best wishes for SEN’s future and thanks for your work and tact in steering sometimes passionate arguments.

Sergio Montes

Re: SEN 2000

From: David Ackery

Roger , Congratulations on SEN 2000, well done.It does not seem that long since SEN 1000, (or perhaps I am just getting old, , ?:-).
best regards

David Ackery

RE: SEN 2000

From: michael achterberg

Congratulations. 2000 and climbing. Your web page is a very helpful tool for freeflighters around the world. It is appreciated by all of us even if we dont acknowledge it often enough. So let me say thank you for all u do from me and the rest of the dinosaurs that can read but not write.. Thank you again..

Roger Morrell