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SEN 1991

Table of Contents – SEN 1991

  1. Mentor Award
  2. USA 2016 Junior Team program
  3. I never heard of such a thing
  4. Mini-Tri
  5. Our F1 Enjoyment
  6. to C or not to C, SAM?
  7. Ethanol Fuel?

Mentor Award
I would like to publically thank SCAT and the NFFS for bestowing upon me the perpetual Mentor Award. My support of Jr. F1B flyer Jace Pivonka has been personally rewarding in its own right and the last thing I expected was formal recognition. On the trophy my name looks quite out of place below the names of some of the great contributors to our sport. Thank you again for the honor.

Chuck Etherington

USA 2016 Junior Team program

Academy of Model Aeronautics
5161 East Memorial Drive

Muncie, Indiana 47302

(765) 287-1256 – Business
(765) 289-4248 – Fax
(800) 435-9262 – Membership Services



The junior team selection program exists to provide a substantial reward to young Free Flight modelers who have demonstrated a high degree of interest in the sport and the willingness to continually improve their flying skills and the performance of their models. They must demonstrate a degree of proficiency of competing with their models without direct adult involvement. The purpose of this program is to provide a fair process of selecting the Junior Free Flighters to compete in the Junior FAI Free Flight World Championship currently scheduled for 2016 in Prilep, Macedonia.


A participant must have a current AMA membership.

Any person who will be under the age of 19 throughout the entire calendar year of 2002 is eligible.

Eligible interested individuals enter the program by filling out an application (Jr TSP Form A). It is recommended that the application be submitted as soon as possible to receive Junior Team selection newsletters but no later than September 1, 2015. There is no monetary charge for Junior Team Selection program entry. The AMA license fee and any contest entry fees are the responsibility of the entrant. The events to be flown are F1A Nordic, F1B Wakefield, and F1P Power.


The junior program will be governed by the Senior Free Flight Team Selection Committee. The JrTSC shall appoint a Junior Team Selection Committee (JrTSC) which is to be composed of three to four adults. The JrTSC members will hold the following positions at a minimum: Chairperson, Score keeper and Fund Raiser. It is desired to select active FAI FF modelers that attend numerous FAI FF contests in order to witness as many Jr FF modelers as possible. It is also desired to have one JrTSC member in the East, Central and West part of the country. Interested individuals should contact the JrTSC Chairman after the proceeding Junior World Championships. If a JrTSC member has a family member applying for the Jr Team, they will not be eligible to participate in that event’s ranking process for that event. For this program, the JrTSC members are:

Chairperson: Charlie Jones

Score Keeper: Jim Parker
Fund Raising: tbd


The USA Junior FAI Free Flight Team Selection Program (JrTSP) for the 2016 World Championships will be based on a two- part process.

1. Ranking using 2015-16 America Cup Competition results.

2. Ranking based Jr Team Selection Committee’s evaluation of the Junior’s flying proficiency and team member interaction.

America Cup Competition Ranking

The junior’s three best AmCup contest points will be added together and ranked in order, highest point total ranked 1, seconded highest points ranked 2 etc. Points will be retroactively awarded for contests flown prior to entry.

Junior entrants ranking will be based on the total points from the three best America Cup contest results between January 1, 2015 and February 20, 2016, one of which must be from the following designated list.

– Southwest Regional’s, Eloy AZ, 2015 Martin Luther King Weekend

– Max Men International, Lost Hills, CA, 2015,

– Spence Memorial, Denton, TX, May 30-31,2015

– Hatscheck Int’l Challenge, Wawayanda, NY, May 30-31,2015InterCities Meet, Muncie, IN, June 20-21, 2015

– kyscraper Annual, Wayawanda NY, June 26-27 2015

– Centennial Cup, Denver CO, July 11-12, 2015

– United states FF Champs, Muncie IN, July 27-31, 2015

– NW FF Champs, Tangent OR, Aug 22-23,2015

– California Invitational (Livotto’s) Oct 2015 Columbus Day Weekend

– SW FAI Challenge, Las Vegas, NV Oct. 2015 date tbd

– Arizona Championships, Eloy, AZ, Dec.5-6, 2015

– Southwest Regional’s, Eloy AZ, 2016 Martin Luther King Weekend

– Max Men International, Lost Hills, CA 2016 Presidents Day Weekend

Note the dates are notional and should be verified before attending. The dates and locations of the America Cup contests are available at the National Free Flight Society, website: