National Free Flight Society

SEN 1988

Table of Contents – SEN 1988

  1. American FAI Freeflighters
  2. Dukie ?
  3. Other F1 events ?

American FAI free flighters

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Gene Ulm

Dukie’s folly:
Doug Galbreath seems to feel that if only we could roll back the clock and
impose a simpler, cheaper model the numbers in F1C would return to
historical values. I very much doubt that this is true. Dukie also feels
that we sorely need an entry level event with a simpler model to ease the
newer FAI power flyer into the game. Perhaps the Duke is forgetting about
F1P? It has limited wingspan – check, simple auto functions – check, no
flaps or folders allowed – check, no gears allowed – check, can be built
with basic materials by anyone with reasonable skills – check. Way cheaper
than a current F1C – check!

Why it’s like it was tailor made to the Duke’s requirements! Surely, this
is what FAI power has been waiting for?

Well, something doesn’t add up. If Dukie is right, there should be dozens,
maybe a hundred guys flying these things at every FAI contest. Right?
Er ….. no. The juniors fly them because they have to for the junior team
program. A few guys (Glen Schneider for example) still fly them but it’s a
far worse situation than F1C. I feel that the idea that a return to the
older style models will bring back the big numbers of flyers is based
mostly on nostalgia. Like it or not, I believe that F1P gives us a test
case to see if this idea is true in the real world. The numbers don’t seem
to prove it out imo.

Tony Mathews


Why not create a BOM classes (not for W/C’s) and let the beginners fly along the pro’s at the same event, but keeping separate scoring..?

Alberto Dona

Roger Morrell