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SEN 1987

Table of Contents – SEN 1987

  1. Links to FAI Rules changes
  2. Verbitsky and Snakes
  3. Gil is with the Duke
  4. But Ross sees it differently

Links to FAI Rule change information
Hi Roger,
Could you please post this link? It’s the CIAM F1 proposals on the NFFS website:
Someone also mentioned putting the link to for anyone who wants to read ALL the proposals and annexes. If you wish to do that, the link is;


Editor’s comment

The reason that Chuck is posting this information is for the USA FAI sportsmen to read it and understand it. Because very shortly the NFFS will be conducting a survey of the USA FAI flyers to get thiri input on the proposed rule changes. This is so the NFFS as the USA Free Flight special interest group can advise the AMA (their USA National Aero Club] on what their
members who fly FAI Free Flight think about the rules changes. This is to help the AMA, that as the National Aero Club will be voting at the up coming CIAM meeting.

It is all to easy to critize the National Aero Club but the members in each country have a responsibility to keep their national Aero Club informed. This is the effort that is being done in the USA.

Information will be out shortly on the process the NFFS will use in the USA.

Verbitsky and Snakes

We got many replies – all except one saying something like

1977 Denmark Zilberg proxy for Verbitsky. Verbitsky was bitten by a snake in Cuba before the ‘77 WC. H.G.

Gil is with the Duke

From Gil Morris
I would second Doug Galbreath’s F1C motion as long as it is taken as a whole including reinstating the BOM rule, ie 1.8 meter wing, same area, no folders, no flappers, no carbon. Reinstate the builder of the model rule. Gil

But Ross see it differently
From: Ross Jahnke
I find it interesting that Doug Galbreath is calling for the simplification
of the F1C event. I wounded if he would advocate a moratorium on engine
modifications, which if I understand can nearly double the initial cost of
a new engine. Or a ban on gear drives which he helped to develop, or
folding carbon props, rpm limits, no custom glow plugs…

The fact is anyone who can afford to own, insure and maintain an extra
automobile purely for enjoyment (sports car, classic car, off road
vehicle) could afford to fly F1C instead. Any sport at the international
level is expensive. Few involved in an international sport progresses from
beginner to national team as quickly as they can in free flight, or compete
at that level for as many years in their career (age 12 – 82+/-).

Pick your sport and do some research Doug, you will find that Modern F1C is
not out of line with other international sports, its just out of line with
nostalgic memories of the past, like nickel Cokes. I also challenge you
(and any SEN reader) to identify another international sport that requires
participants to build their sporting equipment.

If free flight reverts to the mid 20th century is will be dead before the
middle of the 21st. Evidence of this phenomenon can be found in the SAM
events which reverted to the rules of the early 20th century and are nearly
extinct in the early 21st.

Roger Morrell