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SEN 1952

Table of Contents – SEN 1952

  1. Verbitsky Models and Motors
  2. In the Press
  3. Thermal Detector for Sale
  4. F1Hs for Sale
  5. Happersett Update

Verbitsky models and motors from Verbitsky

Dear friends, I have possiblity to sell now following:

1.Some engines “VE” with 3-blades propellers (about 10-15pieces)
ready to fly. This engines are produced in 2014 – 2015 years.

2.Two flapper models with gear engines. This models are trimmed
and ready to fly.

My E-mails is: or

This engines and models I will bring to MAX MEN this February.

Best wishes,

In the Press

Very important issue of Free Flight News that has a list of rules change proposals for the next CIAM Meeting. They should be on the FAI web site too but I could not find them, .. may be someone can help me?

The issue also has further information of the contraversial BFMA Free Flight revamp idea that was spoken of at the Free Flight Forum in the UK. This proposal is based on the concept that something needs to be done to the rules that will mange both performance ,shrinking fields and declining participant numbers. While most people probably agree that something needs to be done, at least on some of these items there will be some diffiulty in working out a path. One concept that is introduced in the BFMA proposal in planned series of rule changes going out over several years. This has the advantage of not obseleting current models immediately and letting people plan their model building and/or buying over several years. The plan lays out suggested rules changes. What is an issue is getting agreement on the details of the rules changes . One of them, the increase in weight of F1A towlines and/or size of the towline flag has already proved to be undesirable (in particular for the ‘average’ sportsman) by the CIAM’s FFTSC. Another possibly in the same category is forbidding instant or delayed start for F1B. This change requiring the prop blade to be turning on release of the model is intended to force 2 handed launches stopping the height gain by the more atheletic. However a single handed instant start launch is much safer for the more senior sportsman and gives a more enjoyable experience if no significant height gain. More enjoyable experience is a fancy way of saying less crashes, rapped knuckles and broken prop blades. It does appear that some of the details were suggested by people not completely in touch with the current active sporting community. Maybe the proposers need to figure a way of selling the proposal to the community. It is not apparent to the simple sportsman like yours truely that the present CIAM process is suited to working out a long term plan like this so maybe a new approach needs to be figured for that too.

Thermal Detector For sale

For sale:
Thermal detector mechine by Leonid Fuzyev. Includes trimmers for wind and
temperature sensetivity.
In very good condition, haven’t use it much.
Asking price is 1300 USD+ shipping or best offer.

Best regards,

Shauli Rejwan.

For sale F1Hs:
– M&K mechanical F1H. Wings refurbished- Ikarus, good working / flying condition. $475
– M&K electronic F1H. New Black Magic timer and LiPo, Wings- micafilm, good working / flying condition. $775

Serious inquiry– email me for photos and more info.
Delivery at Southwest Regional, Eloy AZ or Fab Feb, Lost Hills CA

Ken Happersett Update
As we mentioned a few issues back well known USA F1C sportsman, Ken is seriously ill with cancer in advanced stages. He is still able to appreciate input from his friends. Ken’s daughter says the following :

I believe it would be best if all correspondence and communication is managed via my mom, Lorraine Happersett, per her request. Please forward my mom’s cell number to all who knew Kenny as she would now like to field their calls.

Lorraine Happersett:
714 595 0849
11687 Azalea Avenue
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

My mom flows in and out of grieving stages, but I’m sure would enjoy speaking to all who were fond of Kenny.

Presently, Kenny is declining in mental cognition, logic, and coherency, very quickly, with less and less effort to speak or articulate appropriate motor function. He is diagnosed with ‘End Stage or Stage 4’ cancer .

If need be, please feel free to contact me through my email if you’re unable to contact my my mom.

Thank you for the well wishes.

Linda Hodge

In addition to this Randy Secor is working on a project with the family and says the following :

If you have any past photos of Kenny from World Champs or any other contest
photos please e mail them to me. I can scan photos and return them also..
Kenny’s wife Lorraine wants to put together a photo tribute.. Let’s celebrate
his life with all the great memories from the past..

Roger Morrell