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SEN 1937

Table of Contents – SEN 1937

  1. Fab Feb
  2. Launch Point
  3. E-36 vs F1S

Fab Feb Packet version 1

The following link has version 1 of the Fab Feb pavke with Ike/Kiwi and Maxmen Info. The North American info not here yet. There is also some background info and info from some of the sponsors. We will be updating the packet in due and will let you know when that is done

Launch Point

Lord SCAT,
I note you comment in SEN 1936 with respect to F1A towline proposals and that ” Kudos to the flyers for making the effort to check out the proposals, pity the originators did not do that?!”. I couldn’t agree more. By the same token it is a shame that those proposing alternative timing systems for FF have seemingly not tried to test their own suggestions for all possible launch scenarios.

Due to the vagaries of launches by some (all ?) of us, systems that rely on significant changes of altitude at the point of release of an F1A will not be accurate. There needs to be a link to the tow ring falling away to ensure that, for example, a flat launch is captured.

It is considered by some that this sort of talk is made by a Luddite not willing to change, in fact it is often made by one with an mind able to see the pitfalls.


Edtiors comment – EoB as a person somewhat familiar with onboard electronics it does seem to me that it would not be to difficult to get a positive rather than assumed indication of the start of flight.

E-36 vs F1S

I don’t have a dog in this fight, and I am unaware of the deep discussions
that apparently have been happening on Facebook.

But I think there is a case to keep E36 away from the FAI.

What is to be gained ?, to allow Europeans to fly it ?, (and even the other
parts of the world). Certainly that is possible now, just fly E36.

What is to be lost ?. We can look at the history of what happens when
domestic events make the change to international events with the FAI.

Take the case of 1/2A power, that became F1J. Performance rocketed, models
changed from balsa to carbon, airframe and engine costs went through the
roof, access to equipment became only by import, and participation fell to
a tiny fraction of what it was before. Hardly a positive change.

It we compare this with P30 . It is not an FAI event, but it is
enthusiastically flown in every corner of the planet, there are lots of
plans and kits, and there is a huge variety of original designs out there.
Just look at the special edition for P30 that FFQ has published, jam packed
with original and exciting designs from all over the world. F1J cannot match

I think E36 can be a success without becoming F1S, we just need to let it

best regards

David Ackery

Roger Morrell