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SEN 1905

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  1. USA Team Selection
  2. F1A for Sale

2015 USA FAI Outdoor Free Flight Team Selection finals

The 2015 USA FAI Outdoor Free Flight Team Selection finals will be held October 23 – 27, 2014 in Boulder City, NV. All program and entry fees are to paid to AMA 25 days prior to the first contest day, September 29, 2014.

To enter the program and the finals please contact Colleen Pierce at AMA.

Academy of Model Aeronautics
Coleen Pierce, FAI Team Coordinator
5161 East Memorial Drive
Muncie, Indiana 47302
(765) 287-1256

If you are intested in helping out for the upcoming Team Selection contest (Oct 23 to 27) please contact Norm Furutani ( or Charlie Jones ( We are looking for volunteers to help in the administration of the contest and become part of the timing pool. Those who fill the role of timer for the entire day will receive $100 cash for each day of timing duties.

Charlie Jones

The end of my A2/F1A career has arrived, I know.
Hence I am selling all my A2/F1A gliders, an F1A box and lots of equipment.
There are five ready-to-fly F1As, plus an M&K Long type, which needs boom reattached properly.
They all are one-servo bunters & were built by Vasi’s FF Factory group, equipped with
Black Magic E-Timers. Most are RDT-enabled.
Several have history in World Champs. Also World Cup & Nats top placings.

Equipment ranges from processed legal towlines, winches & various line on spools, spare parts
of all sorts, including tow hooks, BM timers(various versions), wigglers, PDAs, etc, etc.

I will bring gliders, etc to USFFC & other contest venues in coming weeks, so you can come view.
Locals may call or email me for appointment to see items.
Phone: 949-885-6346

Roger Morrell