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SEN 1904

SEN 1904 – Table of Contents

  1. SEN 1903
  2. Mongolia Question
  3. USFFC
  4. Team election table

SEN 1903

A number of people complained that they did not get all the text of SEN 1903 – some included their copy of SEN 1903 in the reply to show me this. I was able to read the missing text with no problems.

The reason for this that SEN is composed of submissions from a the readers all strung together with the minimum of reformatting. Much of this text is in HTML format – the format used om web pages and the like.

We insert items that we write ourselves and results from contests and table from information like Aram had prepared about USA Team Selection.

Sometimes the information prepared is in HTML format but the HTML is not perfect, sometimes joining the pieces together messes up the HTML format , sometimes people submit something that just will not fit on the page of SEN, most likely because the font size is too big and I have to ‘fix’ it and this messes up the HTML.

People read SEN with a lot of different mail programs. Some of the mail program can deal with the badly formatted HTML and some not so well. Unfortunately the one that “gives up” the soonest is Microsoft Outlook which is a little ironic as Microsoft Word that is responsible for a large amount of the bad HTML.

SEN can be read on line at and at the NFFS web site, where it can be found at the top right hand corner. The NFFS is generally better at getting SEN issues online faster than we do.

When submitting material for SEN Simple text and formatting. Do not use very large fonts in your contest flyer and do not use a multi-column format. Do not send PDFs. If you have the contest results in Excel or a similar spread sheet just send the spread sheet file and we will format it from there

Mongolia Question

Does anyone know (or can forward me to someone who does) if there will be an option to accommodate vegetarians/vegans in next year’s free flight championship in Mongolia? There are a few us that are wondering this…

Thanks, Shlomi


LOST HILLS, CA 09/26-28/2014

American and National Cup

7 FAI Events

9 Nostalgia Events

13 Modern AMA Events

1 Jimmy Allen Event

1st $75, 2nd $50, 3rd $25

Plus perpetual trophy events

1st $25, 2nd $15, 3rd $10

See website for information LHFFMAA.COM

The United States Free Flight Championships will be held at the Lost Hills flying site September 26th thru the 28th. As normal this contest will have many AMA Free Flight events along with the FAI events. Bill Booth will be running the F1ABCP events on Saturday the 27th and F1GHQ on Sunday the 28th. The F1J event has be omitted due to no interest in the event for the last few years. This is an American Cup contest also.


USA Team selection table

We noticed that the table included in the last issue to do with the USA Team Selection qualification was distorted by WordPress on the NFFS Site so here it is again

 Still Accumulating 9/1/2014 Qualified Paid up

Name % accum
Barron, Timothy 72% 1 Barron, Andrew
Ulm, Gene 32% 2 Barron, Peter
3 Bauer, Ken
4 Bevan, David
5 Brun, Pierre
6 Jones, Kyle
7 Limberger, Rene
8 McKeever, Mike
9 McQuade, Pete Y
10 Parker, Jim Y
11 Rosenzweig, Shlomi
12 Sifleet, Bob Y
13 Spence, Steve
14 Van Nest, Brian Y
15 Zink, Don

Achterberg, Mike 35% 1 Allen, Carrol
Davis, Michael 72% 2 Andruikov, Alex Y
Jace Pivonka 82% 3 Batiuk, George Y
Richardson, Martin 18% 4 Booth, Bill
Schroedter, Aimee 47% 5 Bradley, Jim
Simon, Evan 97% 6 Crowley, Paul Y
7 Felix, Ron
8 Ghio, Walt Y
9 Ioerger, Tom Y
10 Jenson, Blake Y
11 Jones, Charlie
12 Jones, Ryan
13 Schlosberg, Aram Y
14 Shailor, Bill
15 Simon, Greg
16 Vaccaro, Tom

Etherington, Chuck 30% 1 Carroll, Ed
Gewain, Matt 32% 2 Chesson, Don
Mathis, Dick 69% 3 Ghio, Walt Y
Servaites, Bucky 54% 4 Happersett, Ken
5 McBurnett, Ron
6 Morris, Gil Y
7 Parker, Faust Y
8 Roberts, Mike Y
9 Secor, Randy
10 Simpson, Roger


Roger Morrell