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SEN 1895

Table of Contents – SEN 1895

  1. World Champs Team calculation
  2. In the press
  3. Fab Feb Forecast

World Champs Team Placing Clarification

It might be worth clarifying team scores in response to Terry’s question in
SEN 1893 and your response:

The formal process is that team positions are determined by the total score
of the team in the 7 rounds. If there is a tie on time, then the positions
within the tie are determined by taking the total placings of all team
members (the team with the smallest total of placings gets the highest
place, etc). This applies for any team tie on total time and there is no
specific involvement of flyoffs, except that the flyoffs might be needed to
determine the individual placings.


Ian Kaynes

In the press

In the most recent issue of Model Aviation, the AMA Magazine there was an article about batteries for R/C equipment. The author showed how real battery voltage can be affected by the load. This article is very relevant for those who use electronic timers in Free Flight models as the same issues that can beset R/C receivers can also cause problems for other kinds on board electronics.

Fab Feb Forecast

We have had questions about the World Cup events at Lost Hills next Feb. The MaxMen International is held on the Presidents day weekend. The MaxMen will be run by Bill Booth in 2015. This was planned this year. The Ike/Kiwi Cup will be the weekend before. The exact schedule for the two events has not been finalized yet But the Ike/Kiwi Weekend is 7 and 8 February. The MaxMen days are February 13, 14 and 15 with the reserve day being on Monday 16 , the President’s day public holiday. Full details will appear later including details on the Canadian North American Cup, the F1E events, the Ladies Tea Party and the Bakersfield IceCream Classic sponsored by FAI Model Supply.

Roger Morrell