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SEN 1884

Table of Contents – SEN 1884

  1. Victor Stamov Memorial
  2. AMA, FAA and drones
  3. Nordic events results
  4. SEN Subs

Victor Stamov Memorial, Sunrise Challenge


Can you post a note in SEN please re: the VSM Sunrise challenge running from today till June 30 2015.

Basic message can be summarized thus:

VSM as short overview:

* Between July 1st 2014 and June 30th 2015 you go out as often you want as individual or in a group for sunrise flying in dead, calm air
* You make 5 (minimum 4) flights to the ground without thermal assistance
* Your timekeeper times your flights and records your data
* You make online registration + enter results after flying and pay the VSM fees
* You will see the actual scoring of results on website

All information is now currently on the web-site<>




AMA members in the USA will have recently got a communication from the AMA about a proposed FAA ruling on UAVs that potentially might seriously affect Model Aircraft flying in the USA. It is important to support the AMA in this action as they are looking after our interests. While all the drone talk in the media may appear to be far removed from they kind of model airplanes that most of us fly it is very easy for politicians or officaldom to have a knee jerk reaction that would have un-intended consequences for us. While at times the AMA may seem to be more interested in other branches of our hobby/sport , they do look out for everyone. For example both Free Flight and Control Line are specifically excluded from some of the drone related and public security restrictions that R/C flying is subjected to. The AMA have indicated how we can support our interests by responding to the Government’s request for input on proposed FAA actions.

Scandinavian Results Online

The full results of the 3 events are now online at

SEN Subscription

Again a number of people who subscribe to SEN by have had their subscriptions cancelled. This is is caused by their email provider bouncing SEN and categorizing it as spam. The service provider we use to distribute SEN is required to take these actions at face value and if we get to many for a given user the software we use will cut them off. This is needed so we can maintain our reputation as a ‘respectable’ emailler. We will put these these people back on the mailing list but it may take some time to do this as we are very busy at this time. You can follow the link at the bottom of SEN and do this your self.

Roger Morrell