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SEN 1879

Table of Contents – SEN 1879

  1. Audio Tach
  2. US team selection update
  3. looking for F1C Motor
  4. F1B 4 sale

Looking for an Audio Tach

A friend of mine is wondering if there are any audio tachs being sold anywhere in the world. Says he really needs one badly.
Bob Gutai

(reply to SEN)

Accumulate timed/’ABC under the radar’

The following lists the fliers who have not completed their time accumulation qualify for the Finals. (Of course one can use the buy-in option.) The actual times are listed on, based on what was reported to me. The cutoff date is early Sptember.

Those who are planning to attend the Nationals have the opportunity to accumulate extra time in a contest that will be held on Sunday July 27 at Muncie. The contest is called ‘ABC under the radar’ and will be CDed by Faust Parker. It will begin at 8 AM and have 3-minute maxes.


Name event accumulated
Achterberg, Mike B 35%
Barron, Timothy A 72%
Bevan, David A 44%
Booth, Bill B 84%
Bradley, Jim B 49%
Carroll, Ed C 40%
Davis, Michael B 72%
Etherington, Chuck C 30%
Gewain, Matt C 32%
Jones, Kyle A 84%
Mathis, Dick C 69%
Parker, Jim A 83%
Richardson, Martin B 18%
Schroedter, Aimee B 47%
Servaites, Bucky C 54%
Shailor, Bill B 72%
Simon, Evan B 71%
Simon, Greg B 74%
Spence, Steve A 68%
Ulm, Gene A 32%

WANTED: Verbitski geared F1C

WANTED: Verbitski geared F1C engine preferably with 3 or 4 bladed hub. Please contact John Cuthbert at or telephone England on + 01724 720911 or + 07871 743467

Kind regards, John Cuthbert.

F1B for sale

I would like to sell a brand new Vivchar F1B (Wakefield) that has the all the standard features plus the double wing wigglers.
I am asking $850 for the model and I shall include a 10lb. Box of 1/8″ TSS rubber of 2009 vintage totally free of charge along with the paid F1B.
I shall pay all the shipping charges in the US and half if abroad.
Email: phedon21t

Roger Morrell