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  1. Towline Stress
  2. SCAT Summer Fun Contests

Towline Stress from FB

started by Ken Bauer

Glider friends- I’m breaking my towlines with 150lb spectra and need to switch to something stronger. I’m thinking about 250lb power pro spectra. Any suggestions?

Hermann Andresen Carbon Nanotubes

Lee Hines Changing brands might help…or don’t pull so hard?:-) Rene broke 150# spectra when he weighed only 135# or so. I told that seemed Physically impossible!? Y/N?

Eric Connelly Question guys. I need a pro reel setup for my gliders. Where and what can I use?

Eric Connelly And I guess I should be using 250 spectra line? What about a leader that’s part of the line. Andrew uses that I have seen. What do your guys use ?

Lee Hines Sounds like kite reel will be needed, as 250# line + big leader will need large dia & deep flanged spool to contain it.
I use 200# Planer Board line as leader, with 150# Spectra, but I am not young & strong like you & Ken.

Don DeLoach Wood spars and straight tow.

Mark Benns Less time down the gym ?

Javier Abad Ken i use 200lb spectra without breaking,flying on dust soil could damage the lines,avoid dragging and rinse in water after flying.

Anton Gorskiy 200 lbs enough

Mike McKeever Well….I have 200 lb lines but I’m not breaking the 160 lb lines either…and there is a contest or potential NorCal flyoff this weekend at Wagell Ken…can you make it-haven’t looked at the weather yet.

Chris Edge Haggis gut, the only thing that you need. Tastes nice too ! CHE

Ken Bauer I’m thinking about 250lbs for robustness in wear and tear. If the model pulled over 150lbs I’d be airborne with it anyway. The breaks happen with over time at the knots. Any suggestions on magic knots? Mike – I’m house hunting again this weekend so no flyoff…

Chuck Powell Finger trap and sew instead of a knot ! Well that’s the parachute rigger coming out ! My parachute has 650 lb spectra !

Lauri Malila Ken, I guess you know it allready, but you must run in the knots by slooowly pulling the line to maximum tension a few times before using. And make that with wet line.
Also, Where ever there is a knot, I also but a sleeve to spread loads and protect from wear,

Pablo Ysasi Ken I use this line. It is another option!
Hi Vis Yellow 200lb Test (003, 200)

Pablo Ysasi
Tuf Line XP Braided Fishing Line, 300 Yard Spool

Use Tuf Line XP braided Spectra fishing line when you need zero stretch, long casts and less water pickup. Save moneny at Netcraft with bulk 300 yard XP spools.

Ken Bauer Thanks all. Chuck, I’d like to know what “finger trap and sew” is? I’ve tried sleeving before but never got it to work as the line would pull through the sleeved knot. Must not have done it right. I’ve heard good things about the Tuf Line XP so next step will be to get some of that.

Chuck Powell Ken finger trapping is just like a Chinese finger trap , the line goes inside the channel of the other part of the line and is sewn . I use a .025 wire to finger trap then sew it . You might google it if my explanation isn’t clear ? I was kinda kidding but it might work well !

Allard van Wallene Sewing is not necessary and it damages the filaments. As the line is braided, it contracts under tension, thereby ‘trapping the finger’. About 3 to 4 cm trap-length is enough.

Pierre Brun I have 200 lbs spectra

Tony Mathews My friend Jama Danier is breaking 250 lb Spectra and has gone to 300 lb line! I’m not kidding!

Derek McGuckin Tony, after seeing Jama launch, I’m not surprised!

Don Kaiser If you fish with spectra it has a special knot. Check fishing sites on the web.

Ken Bauer Tony does Jama break the line or the knot? I just ordered some 250lb tuf line and have to believe it will hold with the right knot.

Tony Mathews Ken, I think he’s broken line in the middle and done at the knot. The line must be getting damaged or weakened in some way to not see the full tensile strength. Btw, he just broke his record with some 130 + meter launches in 2 to 3 m/s light winds!

SCAT “local” Summer contests

SCAT Black Cup Rules
1. All FAI FF events can be flown, single $5 entry fee, fly as many events that you wish
2. Flown to current FAI rules except as noted
3. 7 flights, No rounds, flights to be flown between 7:00 am and 1:00 pm, No extended flight times, 2 min flights prorated to 3 min. Self timing allowed for Black Cup. If pursuing a record, you must use independent timer(s)
4. No fly offs, tie breaker is the flyer that completes their 7 flights first
5. Flyer with the most number of wins or the last winner keeps Cup after the last 2014 event
6. Single perpetual Trophy awarded to overall winner. SCAT will pay for engraving of the Cup plaque with 2014 winners names after the last event

No Black Cup in April (not Summer !)

May 3 SCAT Black Cup– Perris

June 14 SCAT Black Cup– Perris, Jim P CD–

July 19 SCAT Black Cup– Perris, CD Roger

Aug 2 SCAT Black Cup– Perris, Bill CD,

Sept 6 SCAT Black Cup – Lost Hills, Jim P CD

Roger Morrell