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SEN 2481

USA Junior Team Follow Up John at the Nats F1E E/C blog at Thermiksense has started USA Junior Team Follow Up From: Jim Parker As the manager of the USA… Continue reading SEN 2481

SEN 2480

53rd Rocky Mountain FF Champs Thanks for the JWC Coverage Freeflight blog F1Q About SEN 53rd Rocky Mountain FF Champs From:Don DeLoach In exactly 14 days the Rocky Mountain FF… Continue reading SEN 2480

SEN 2479

Now here JWC Official Results Doug Rowsell R.I.P. USA Team Selection – Finals with performance rounds – an implementation Looking for Blue Kavan 10×4 Props Now here JWC Official Results… Continue reading SEN 2479

SEN 2478

Final report from Bob on the JWC Buying a second hand Texas Timers electronic timer Final report from Bob on the JWC From: Bob Stalick Some observations, thoughts and suggestions… Continue reading SEN 2478

SEN 2477

Junior World Champs Results Online Buying a second hand model with an electronic timer Junior World Champs Results Online The results of the 2018 Junior World have been scanned are… Continue reading SEN 2477

SEN 2476

Junior World Champs Report #6 Junior World Champs Report #6 From: Bob Stalick The usual protocol for the Junior World Champs is to set aside the last day for making… Continue reading SEN 2476

SEN 2475

Correction Junior World Championships Report #4 Jr. World  Champs Report #5 Jnr World Results  Managing flyoffs Correction In the last SEN we reported the Junior F1B results incorrectly it should… Continue reading SEN 2475

SEN 2474

Junior World Champs Flash Junior World Championships from Pazardzhik, Bulgaria -Report #3 USA Team F1A comment Junior World Champs flash Unofficial F1B results after 2 fly off rounds – all… Continue reading SEN 2474

SEN 2473

Why altimeters – Here’s why Junior World Champs Report #2 Max Men Lost and Found   Why altimeters – Here’s why From:Allard van Wallene On altimeteres, a final answer to… Continue reading SEN 2473

SEN 2472

Well why don’t we Editor and factory response About the use of altimeters: answer to Allard: USA Junior Team Report #1 Well why don’t we From:Michael Achterberg Altimeter. Had a… Continue reading SEN 2472