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SEN 2424

More on Charging More on Charging A few SEN issues back we talked about our experience in charging and controlled discharging od LiPO batteries intended for timer applications. There is… Continue reading SEN 2424

SEN 2423

I saw … a Leepin’ Lizard FOR SALE:  Fourmost electronic eTimers, I saw … a Leepin’ Lizard Hello, I saw in Fab Feb pictures a photo of a very nice … Continue reading SEN 2423

SEN 2422

Watts in charge ? Still More Fab Feb Pictures Spring at Wawayanda Skyscraper’s Annual Hatcheck International Challenge May 19-20, 2018 Old Rhinebeck Squadron Flying Aces  at Barron Field Watts in… Continue reading SEN 2422

SEN 2421

Ray Monks NATS Volunteers One small detail …… Ray Monks From:Stuart Darmon Roger, Sadly I must inform those who have not yet heard that Ray Monks, one of Britain’s greatest… Continue reading SEN 2421