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SEN 2070

Table of Contents – SEN 2070 Fab Feb SuMMary sen 2068 2016 Fab Feb @ Lost Hills Summary Start and end dates correct some items in the middle marked with… Continue reading SEN 2070

SEN 2069

Table of Contents – SEN 2069 SW FAI challenege update Missing content ? Found content ? Southwest FAI Challenge From: Bill Booth Hi Roger, Final update before departure. Mike Myers… Continue reading SEN 2069

SEN 2068

SEN 2068 – Table of Contnets Sierra Cup California FAI Keep it up, chaps Sierra Cup 2015 EVENT SIERRA CUP SCORING SHEET 2015 F1A NAME COUNTRY 1 2 3 4… Continue reading SEN 2068

SEN 2067

Table of Contents – SEN 2067 C performance number Dino comments What’s Drone C performance comparison – actual numbers From: Ken Faux Roger, In response to Pieter’s paper I can… Continue reading SEN 2067

SEN 2066

Table of Contents – SEN 2066 Pieter on C Lost Hills Update Sierra Cup Flash Gil and Bill Rocky Mountain Caps krka cup 2015_cancelation_odpoved SEN Sign Up Pieter de Boer… Continue reading SEN 2066

SEN 2065

Table of Contents – SEN 2065 SEN 2063 and SEN 2064 NFFS Presidency SEN 2033/4 Al Boom correction Contrary opinion * AMA Should Turn Away From Multicopters Icare2 GPS tracker

SEN 2063

Table of Contents – SEN 2063 California Reminder Cal FAI Sierra Cup Looking for tail boom AL FFQ 57 California Reminder The California FAI and Sierra Cup are coming up… Continue reading SEN 2063

SEN 2063