National Free Flight Society

SEN 1965

Table of Contents – SEN 1965 F1B for sale Meeting Suggestion Looking for an Audio tach F1C in it’s final stages Meeting Caution F1B For sale: F1B model ready to… Continue reading SEN 1965

SEN 1964

Table of Contents – SEN 1964 USA Team Fund Raiser SWR Results and Report Roy’s Request Dino dept Team Finals U.S.A. team fundraiser at Fab Feb Jim Lueken and Bill… Continue reading SEN 1964

SEN 1963

Table of Contents – SEN 1963 Roy’s Request F1 or F Frank? 2015 Rules reminder Crows Dinos Roy’s Request for Fab Feb Hi Roger. Re all the rules talk. Over… Continue reading SEN 1963

SEN 1962

Table of Contents – SEN 1962 Ice Contests Joy Lost Hills Info Golf carts for FabFeb talking about SEN on FB More on the THE proposals Ice Contests Entry Open… Continue reading SEN 1962

SEN 1961

Table of Contents – SEN 1961 Mentor of the year – Nomination. Rubber etc at the fab Feb Rules – Buskell -c Rules – Achterberg- b Rules – Lenartowicz –… Continue reading SEN 1961

SEN 1960

Table of Contents – SEN 1960 Memorial Services for Kenny Happersett Ross on Ron Correction to CIAM Proposal Further Timing thoughts Unexpected Consequences of Technology Memorial Services for Kenny Happersett… Continue reading SEN 1960

SEN 1959

Table of Contents – SEN 1959 Remembering Dino Toys Ron’s Challenge Remembering Ken Happersett R.I.P. I’ve known him since middle ’70’s, very good friend and competitor Alberto Dona Hello; My… Continue reading SEN 1959

SEN 1957

Table of Contents – SEN 1957 From Bernard – who Launched the FB discussion Cost Haggis F1B Motors Truth of ? Alan Jack’s POC KEY ISSUE Nick’s Tech Sport Article… Continue reading SEN 1957

SEN 1956

Table of Contents – SEN 1956 Non-Debate on FB A Marketer’s POV F1B Rules Change SCAT Annual Flyer Non-Debate on FB Editors comment There has been a long one sided… Continue reading SEN 1956

SEN 1955

Table of Contents – SEN 1955 Comment of F1B Proposal – Andriukov Dear mr sen 2014 America’s Cup Report and Final Results *Comment on the Proposal – F1B* Instant start… Continue reading SEN 1955