National Free Flight Society

Provisional Pistachio and Coconut Scale Rules

Pistachio Scale (Provisional)

21.1 Recognizable rubber powered scale model with wingspan not greater than 8”

21.2. Score = static rank + flight rank.  Low score wins.

(best = 1 point, 2nd best = 2 points, etc.)

Scale judging based on comparing model to documentation provided by the contestant (photos, 3 view drawing, etc.)

Flight = total of best 2 out of up to 5 official times, in seconds.  Hand launch is permitted.

Flight score is converted into a ranking, same method as static score.

Tiebreaker is best scale ranking.

21.3 Optional at CD’s discretion – allow models whose length, excluding propeller(s), is not greater than 6”, even if their wingspan is greater than 8”.

This rule is intended to enable a greater variety of subjects to be modeled competitively, e.g. models with long wingspan but short fuselage.

21.4. Optional at CD’s discretion – 10 sec bonus added to flight score for ROG; applied per flight in which ROG takeoff is accomplished.

21.5. Optional at CD’s discretion – divide into weight classes based on model weight without rubber

Under 2g

2g – 3g

Over 3g

Note: This was done during the heyday of the MIAMA Inter-Gnats, when there were ~50 models total and more than 10 in each weight class.  It may not work as well if the participation is relatively small.  The Mooney ranking system will help heavier models to be competitive in any case (assuming the heavier models typically achieve better static ranking).

Use of any Optional rules should be announced ahead of time; otherwise only the basic rules (1 & 2) apply.


Hangar Pilot (newsletter of the Miami Indoor Aircraft Modelers’ Association (MIAMA)), various dates.

22. Coconut Scale (Provisional)

22.1. Recognizable rubber powered scale model with at least 36 inch wingspan for a monoplane, or 30 inch wingspan if multi wing.

22.2. Minimum weight is one ounce without rubber.

22.3. Fuselage must be a full 3-dimensional representation of the fuselage of the full scale aircraft (i.e. not profile).

22.4. Scoring: Static points by ranking (best = 1 point, 2nd best = 2 points, etc.) from 10-foot distance, comparing the model to documentation provided by the contestant (photos, 3-view, etc.).  Flight is from ROG.  Best single flight of three flights is counted.  Flight score is converted to a ranking, same as static score.  Total score = flight ranking + static ranking, low score wins.  (Example:  1st in Static Score + 2nd in Duration = 3 points total).  Ties go to the model with the better static ranking.

At Contest Director’s discretion, a Mass Launch may be held in addition to, or in lieu of, a fully scored contest.  Mass Launches are ROG.