National Free Flight Society

Frank Zaic

Free flight aeromodeling lost one of its greats when Frank Zaic died on May 27 in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Frank, 92, had been afflicted with Alzheimer¹s and was recently diagnosed with bone cancer. He died of severe pneumonia.
Frank was buried with a hand-launch glider his nephew had just completed the same day, building it from a kit Frank had given him. He is survived by his wife Carmen.

Frank was recently honored by top officials of the FAI with that organization¹s gold medal for his outstanding contributions to aeromodeling.
Thanks to Dr. Julio Quevedo for making the arrangements.I first met Frank in New York City, when I was 14. He was hard at work, way up in the Jasco loft, sawing up balsa for those wonderful Jasco kits like the Thermic series, the Floater, and the incredible X-18 rubber job that introduced so many to the excitement of free flight.

Later, when living in California, Frank produced the Jetco series of kits.
Of course, his many Year Books, full of the plans he so lovingly prepared, are still the basis for finished models all over the world, with the flourishing Old Timer, Nostalgia and Antique events.
As we said our last goodbye to Frank, with his niece Karen singing the Ave Maria, someone in a full-scale Cessna, with flaps down, did a slow flyover .
No one knows who it was.
Thermals, Frank. We¹ll see you down wind.
Dick Bertrand (Guatemala City, Guatemala)