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  1. Auction Action

2023 USFFT Auction Announcement:

During the time that auction was conceived, and then announced, I was made aware of more than one definition of “silent auction”.
One, where people would turn in sealed bids, basically the highest number they would be happy to pay for an item, and then those bids
would all be opened on the final night. And another, where the current high bid is posted throughout the week and people could turn in
higher bids up until the closing time. We will have a Kiosk showing the current high bid located at the RV corral at the Lost Hills flying site.
For those who will not be in Lost Hills but have made online bids I will send out
an update on Tuesday night and Thursday night. Then again, on Saturday evening where I can be in phone or email contact with anyone
not present. Another option for those not present would be to place a “Not to exceed bid” where if that number is not the highest bid I would use
just enough to eclipse the current high bid but not all of it, unless it is surpassed. Then, I could notify you that there is a higher bid and give you t
he option to change your bid. 

Please don’t hesitate to email or call with any questions. Also, please feel free to post the raffle/auction information on any social media
you feel appropriate.
Blake Jensen
2023 USA A/B/C Free Flight
Team Manager
Here is the list of current high bids, as of 02-14-23, for our auction:
Lot #1 Wake-Up kit $125
Lot #2 Wilder 10:1 indoor winder $175
Lot #3 Al Vela oil painting $500
Lot #4 Galbreath tuned 1.0cc Cyclon engine $250
Lot #5 Nelson .36 FF/CL engine $200
Lot #6 Endless October 20″ tall metal wall art $100
Lot #7 USA Free Flight 20″ tall metal wall art $100
Lot #8 Jim Dunkin Engine book $20
Lot #9 Ryobi Scroll saw $40