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  1. Books for sale at Fab Feb
  2. Lost Hills Food
  3. Lost  Hills Field

Books for sale at Fab Feb

From: Fred Terizian
I’ll have about 20 copies of James Dunkin’s Reference Book of International .15ci/2.5cc Model Airplane Engines to sell at Fab Feb and they go for $65 each. Over 400 pages of almost every 2.5cc engine produced. No Babenko’s etc. as this was published before it was available. Also hope to have the remaining copies of Hank Cole’s book, “The Fascination of Flight” from NFFS.

Lost Hills Food

We are working with Gabby’s, in Lost Hills Town , not I-5 exit. We are looking at the food truck being on the field World Cup days, Sat 11th, Wed 15th, Friday 17 th, Sat 18 th.  Other days would depend on how those days went.  For visitors not used to Californian Mexican food. If you don’t know what’s best, just start at the top of the menu and try something different every day. For the super timid, there are burgers.

We are working on the usual special social evening and asking Gabby’s to stay open a bit later each night. Remember Gabby’s is a “local” and most local farm or oil field worker get up early and have dinner early.

More details when you sign up on Fri 10 Feb

 Lost  Hills Field

We have had a number of questions abut the field based on world wide weather.  Firstly no snow.  There was a ‘trial’ R/C glider event this past weekend.  The R/C guys are looking at have one of their team selection events at Lost Hills because of some issues with the original site. They flew a test for this last Saturday.
They reported the field in good shape, plenty of grass, a bit soft in a few places but no  access issues.  There is no rain forecast in the immediate future and sun and gentle Lost Hills breezes should dry things out some more .  So as always take it easy and keep on moving.
On the other critical matter they report that our new Porta Pottie provider did a great job and provided good and clean facilities.

And to finish with we are almost at 130 entered with one or two more each day.