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  1. Len Surtees at the Ike
  2. Dead 47?
  3. Dipping into the past

Len Surtees at the Ike

Australian HLG champion Len Surtees is bringing several updated aluminium wing 32″ TLG ARF kits to Fab Feb.  These will be sold for USD $150, including an electronic band burner timer DT.  He’ll also be conducting a lucky drawer for all HLG entrants after their event.  The lucky winner will receive his new aluminium wing TLG with electronic band burner timer DT.

Dead 47?

It appears that the Dymond D47 servo that was the favorite small good servo used by mos electronic timers for F1B, F1Q, F1J and F1P as well being used on F1A is gone. This was also sold under different labels. It was also a R/C DLG favorite.  Has anyone seen them new for sale recently?

I have used a EMAX ES9051 as a possible alternate. I also note that Team Menanno have use this with electronic timers in AMA power models and make a simple power model face plate for it.  Not sure how big a model they have put it on.

Dipping into the past

In a recent discussion around Free Flight avionics someone commented on the yellow Plasti Dip that has been put on some items from BMK to protect the otherwise naked circuit board.  Then someone else commented that he had used that on Basic Stamp based timer he had got from Matt Gewain back in the 1990s. So not exactly a new idea. BTW while the yellow might help you find the electronic jewel when it falls on green grass it is not the best color for flying at Lost Hills.  The Plasti Dip is a US product that is available at hardware store in most countries world wide. It has many colors, don’t pick the camo ?? Contrary to Conformal coating and potting epoxies it does not go into the crevices and crack of electro mechanical parts so  typically push button switch will still work when covered and LEDs will shine through. Try it carefully at your own risk if doing it for the first time as it will depend on each device.

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