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  1. USA Team Selection Update

USA Team Selection Status Update

The Finals to select a team for the 2023 World Championships, to be held in France, are fast approaching. The Finals will be held from October 10 through October 15, 2022 in Lost Hills, CA. The deadline to enter the Finals is Tuesday September 20, 2022. Please contact Colleen Pierce at AMA (1-765-287-1256 OR 1-800-I-FLY-AMA, ext 252)
NOTE: Colleen will be out of the office from September 2~19. Please contact Yolanda Jones during this time (ext. 261)
Please, Do Not leave this until the last minute.

No qualification needed for this cycle
Entry Fees:

Program $90
Finals $250 (Finals entry for those who have not flown in the past two Finals, $125)

Under 25
Program $25
Finals $50

The 2021/23 Team selection program can be downloaded from the NFFS website:
The Pandemic, post program rule changes, and event count discrepancies will change the way we will run our Finals as written in the program. These items, as written here, will take precedent over the wording of the program:

–    In order to maximize the number of helpers available, F1B and F1A will fly on Day 1 while F1C will time. Please see the contest schedule page in the accompanying Bulletin.

–    World Champs teams can now be made up of four, not just three, team members — provided one of the team members is female. At the World Championships, the round time will be 65 minutes (subject to adjustment in 2023) rather than 55. There will be medals for the top female competitors in each event. The team scores will be the sum of the top three team members times, regardless of gender or number of team members. All four team members and the Manager will receive medals. Anyone who wishes to be considered for this new position must fly in the Finals and must, barring force majeure, make an attempt/flight in all rounds flown during the Finals. If a female should earn one of the three spots on the team, we will still send a four-person team, as it is a competitive advantage to do so. In such a case, the First Alternate will be on the team and the Second Alternate will become the First Alternate.

Chuck Etherington and Mike McKeever will be the Head Jurist and Contest Director, respectively. We will need timekeepers as well as help in other capacities. If you or anyone you know has time to volunteer, please contact Mike McKeever:

Other Reminders:
* Deadline to enter is Tuesday, September 20, There will be no on-field entry
* Processing will be held on Monday, October 10.
* Remember to bring model certificates. These will be impounded at processing and returned after the contest.
* The first AND second round each day will be scheduled for a 240-second max.

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