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USA Team Selection Timers

From: Mike McKeever

The Team Selection Finals are fast approaching.  As Contest Director I want to make sure participants understand the deadline for entry is September 20.  Colleen Pierce at AMA needs your entry to be received by that date.   There will be no entries accepted on the field in Lost Hills.  So make sure you get your entry in and Finals fees paid before the deadline.

Due to the difference in contestants currently entered between the events there is a critical need for timers for Tuesday October 11th.  That is the day F1C times for F1A and F1B.  There are currently 5 F1C flyers available to time and 15 F1B flyers so at least 10 timers will be required on the first day of competition.  Hopefully some flyers that are participating in the Sierra and Kotuku Cups will stay couple of days and assist in timing.  Timers will be paid $100 a day for their services and receive the sincere thinks of all those participating in the Finals.

Please contact Mike McKeever at and advise if you can meet this critical need.  In the meantime I will be reaching out to our community to recruit timers as we get closer to picking our FAI Team to represent the United States in France.

Mike McKeever-CD US Team Selection Contest
(916) 390-3212