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  1. AmCup  Progress Q Correction
  2. Missing Photos in A Century of British Free Flight
  3. Contest Report: 43rd Annual MMM 14-Round Contest
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AmCup  Progress Q Correction

I normally don’t send out SEN AmCup score corrections mid-season but think a quick note is helpful here. I had the NAT’s F1Q scores for Julie Parker and David Sechrist swapped. Julie was 3rd, David was 2nd. This results in a tie for first place with Julie and Jack Murphy.   The race is tight!   Jim Parker

Missing Photos in A Century of British Free Flight

From: Martin Dilly
Some SEN readers who bought copies of A Century of British Free Flight from the first print run may have noticed that on three pages there are frames and captions but no photos to go with them. If you drop an e-mail to I can send you files to replace those three pages. It seems to have resulted from a quirk of MS Publisher whereby changing an item on one page strips random images from some others.

Copies of the book, complete with all photos, are still available from that e-mail address at £22 for the UK, £25 to the rest of Europe and £28 to everywhere else.

(apologies to Martin – he sent us this  little while back and somehow the editorial machine skipped over it and did not publish it )


Contest Report: 43rd Annual MMM 14-Round Contest

Denver, July 8-10, 2022

John McGrath, JacePivonka, and Pete McQuade, CDs

As the dates for the 14-Rounder and F1E Team Selection approached, we CDs were really holding our breath and crossing our fingers. With gas near $5 a gallon, inflation running wild, and hot, windy weather plaguing much of the West for the previous two months, the odds seemed to be building up against a good turn out and good weather. But when Friday, July 8 rolled around, it was clear we had beaten the odds. The weather for the next three days was quite cooperative and the contest entry was a very solid 20. Many thanks to everyone who made the contest such a success, especially to the volunteers who put in so much effort and also to the competitors, especially those who traveled to Denver from places as far away as Oregon, California, Arizona, Ohio, and Finland (by way of California). This will be remembered as The Year of the Ladies, as Tiffaney O’Dell and Geralyn Jones absolutely shone in F1G. Congratulations!

The F1E Team Selection made it through three rounds before a fickle wind direction forced a delay that turned into an early ending. It was great having our first female F1E flyer ever, Geralyn Jones! She will join Tom Ioerger, Peter Brocks, and Bob Sifleet on the US F1E Team in the next World Championships. Special thanks go to the chasers—CDJace Pivonka and Chuck Etherington. Chuck also worked hard to ensure a porta potty was on the hill that day—a very nice touch.

On Saturday, the 14-Rounder’s Centennial-Cup began with an unexpected low flyover by a World War II-era T-6 Texan which waggled its wings and trailed airshow smoke. Then the contest flying began. Winds were manageable all day, with nice some periods of calm. In F1A, we were delighted to have Risto Puhakka of Finland flying with us.  He now resides in California, and his Kimmo Kulmakko-built LDA F1A made spectacular bunts to such great heights, the model appeared tiny by the time its glide began. Many other fine flights were made throughout the day, with Jace Pivonka maxing out in F1B and Bob Sifleet maxing out in F1Q electric. In the mini-FAI events, Jack Murphy was perfect in F1S, but Jerry Murphy wasn’t far behind. However, F1G provided the big drama of the day, with a 3-way tie for first: Tiffaney O’Dell, Geralyn Jones, and Peter Brocks. A flyoff at the end of the day saw all three hitch-hiking on a boomer to easily make the 180-second max. They all agreed to determine the final standings at Lost Hills in October.

Near the end of Round 4 on Saturday, club president John McGrath held the induction ceremony for the MMM Hall of Fame. 2022’s honorees were Don DeLoach, Chuck Etherington, and the late Mike Des Jardins.  Congratulations to them all, and many thanks for their years of selfless service!

Sunday was Columbine-Cup day. Winds were a bit stiffer than the previous day, but still very reasonable. Peter Brocks triumphed in a foreshortened F1A contest. In F1B, Jace again maxed out, with Blake Jensen just a little bit behind. This gave Jace a 14-round maxout, earning him his THIRD blue jacket. Congratulations, Jace! Jack Murphy continued his winning ways by maxing out in F1S electric, to make it a perfect sweep for the two days. F1G once again provided electrifying excitement, with yet another 3-way tie. The ladies—Tiffaney and Geralyn—were joined by John McGrath with perfect four-round scores.  With the onset of high winds and rain at 5:00 pm, they agreed again to resolve the tie at Lost Hills in October.

Winners of the two-day-contest perpetual cups and trophies are:

F1A   Pete McQuade

F1B   Jace Pivonka (Perfect Score!)

F1Q   Jack Murphy

F1G   Tie: Geralyn Jones and Tiffaney O’Dell(Perfect Scores!)

F1H   Blake Jensen

F1S   JackMurphy (Perfect Score!)


A better link to the organizer’s Euro results

USA Team Selection – Nag #1

USA FAI flyers – If you are intending to take part in the Team Selection “Finals” in October get your entry in… cutoff date coming up.

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