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European Championship F1ABC

E/C F1ABC in Prilep (North-Macedonia)

From: Bernhard Schwendemann

This week the European Championship in F1ABC will be held in Prilep
F1A will fly on Wednesday (17.8.), F1B  on Thursday (18.8.) and F1C in
Friday (19.8.).
The blog on the webpage of Thermiksense was already started:


More on B

From:Mike Pettigrew

Hi Roger
About the B fly-off window.
As we know, this has been debated a few times before and by the looks of some of the comments, I’m sure the subject will find it’s way back before the Technical Committee again in the near future.

I’m a ‘C’ flyer so should not stick my bib in, but winding a motor in the 7 minute period does seem to me to take up a fair bit of the flyers opportunity to pick a time to launch which is not something with which the A or C people are lumbered.

Putting it back into the F1 Technical Committee would give it the discussion scope it deserves.


Mike Pettigrew

Two more comments to F1B fly-offs

From:Tapio Linkosalo

Many people (here in SEN and in FB) have commented that the shorter
air-picking period of F1B (due to time taken to wind the motor) compared
to, say, F1A, F1C, F1P, is unfair. I do not see why. In F1B fly-off you fly
against other F1B fliers, not against F1A or F1C.

Also many fliers say that they break two motors and then the round is over.
I have flown F1B for decades, have flown many fly-offs, and I cannot
remember when was the last time I broke a motor in a fly-off. Some could
say that I do not wind my motors hard enough. But hey, I get to make the
flight! This is the tactical choice I wrote about in FB – you may wind slow
and hard if you want to squeeze maximum energy out of the rubber, or wind a
bit lighter and faster if you aim for an early start. And if you break one
motor, maybe take it a bit lighter on the second one? I think the tennis
players make their second serve slower and safer if the first one fails.
Same thing here.


Eifelpokal 2022

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