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2022 USA Junior FAI F1ABP 

The time has come for us to depart for Bulgaria to participate in the 2022 FAI F1ABP Junior World Championships.  It has been a long four years since the last championships.  We have a small but skilled team of competitors this year.  Noa and Anat Goldstein will be our F1A team.  Skylar Donnelly and Ittai Kohavi will be our F1B team.  While this is the first time for all them flying in a World Championship, they all have several years experience competing in competitions here in the US and I know will put in a good showing for our team.

I want to thank all the coaches, mentors, and volunteers who have helped these four achieve the goal to participate in the World Championships.  Whether it be a donation of your time, models, equipment, or finances, you all are part of what makes this a life changing event for each of these kids and their families.  The impact will be forever and we all can not thank you enough.

Charlie Jones
Team Manager


October at Lost Hills

From: gary pope

Hi Roger,
I trust you are well. All good here.
There is a remote chance I will compete in the Sierra & Kotuku this coming October. Would you kindly give me contact details for the organizer’s of these 2 events ?

I’m guessing I need some sort of AMA membership to compete. Hopefully the organizers can help me with that.


These October events are on the 8-9 October weekend.  Full details will be published in due course. The organizers  are Mike McKeever, and Brian Van Nest, respectively.

AMA Associate membership is required for International visitors to fly in events in the USA.  Many regulars have this already but you can always get it on the field. AMA Contest Directors can do it for you.


Every time we get to a nice round number like 3000, I think there should be something special to put in that SEN issue. In the past has never been the case.  But as Charlie Jones reminds us the Junior World Champs is starting soon in Bulgaria.  We have missed one because of covid so it is extra special now to have this event.  Everyone who goes has a great time and people make lifelong friendships. For example at the last World Champs at Lost Hills  I saw Daniel from Germany and Taron from the USA getting back together after meeting at Junior Champs an eon before, just like it was yesterday.
So we wish everyone attending all the best for a great event, perfect weather and want to hear how it all went

Here is some information:

2022 FAI F1ABPJunior World Championships for Free Flight Model Aircraft
Valchitran, PORDIM, BULGARIA, 25 July to 30 July 2022

Organizer’s web site.

The event schedule is :
Sunday July, 24 – Arrival.
Monday July, 25 – Registration, Processing, Practice, Opening ceremony.
Tuesday July, 26 – Contest day for F1A.
Wednesday July, 27 – Contest day for F1B.
Thursday July, 28 – Contest day for F1P.
Friday July, 29 – Reserve day, Tour, Banquet
Saturday July, 30 – Tour , Awarding and Closing Ceremony.
Sunday July, 31 – Departure.

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Roger Morrell