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  1. Bob Van Nest
  2. Swiss F1E Championship

Bob VanNest

From: Janna VanNest
With great sadness we share the passing of our dad, Bob VanNest this morning, June 5 th.
Dad was a expert builder, great flyer and in his time he flew three events for US team selection. He was a power flyer and also flew in 1967 US World Championship, in  Czechoslovakia,  A2 Glider. He supported the junior team producing Astro Star kits and taught us everything he knew about flying. Other than fishing, flying was his passion.  He was also a founding father of SCAT Club.

The VanNest Family

Swiss F1E Championship

The F1E Swiss Championship will be held (Weather Permitting) on the 19th of June in Wikartswil, Switzerland.
More information can be found at:

I wish you a good start to June!
In Free Flight,
William Damerell.