National Free Flight Society

SEN 3099

SCAT Annual Report Rescheduled 2023 SCAT Annual FAI Mini Events San Valeers Annual 2023 SCAT Annual Report As a young modeler, I learned that 1/2 of an A is better… Continue reading SEN 3099

SEN 3098

Upcoming in the Mid-West Intercity Hoosier Brodersen Upcoming in the Mid-West From: Greg Simon Can you post these contest flyers on the Sen web site. Thank you for all your… Continue reading SEN 3098

SEN 3097

Lost Hills Flash Fab Feb 1 2 3 go Lost Hills Flash From: Jim Parker LH road update for SCAT Annual Currently still best to use the North entrance and… Continue reading SEN 3097

SEN 3096

Lost Hills Field report  Thursday late morning Foremost Request Lost Hills Field report  Thursday late morning From: Jim Parker For SCAT Annual Holloway Bulldozer moving mud to improve access to… Continue reading SEN 3096

SEN 3095

Foremost Timer help SCAT Annual Next Week- Mar. 18, 19 Foremost Timer help From:John Lorbiecki I got a few  5 function E-timers by Fourmost Products- anyone have any info on… Continue reading SEN 3095

SEN 3094

Fantham’s Feb Feb Fotos STEM Classs 101 ? F1S & F1Q vs. Class A Gas Fantham’s Feb Feb Fotos We just a new set of photos from Mike Fantham.  For… Continue reading SEN 3094

SEN 3093

How many Ps ? Looking for Carbon Spread Tow Where to with Junior Power How many Ps ? From: Sasha and Artem Babenko We have a request for you to… Continue reading SEN 3093

SEN 3092

2023 AmCup- First Report and Scores Any word on Vasi from the Ukraine? Thanks Vikings 2023 AmCup- First Report and Scores Two weeks ago, we wrapped up the 2022 AmCup Season with… Continue reading SEN 3092

SEN 3091

Sevak’s Junior F1S versus F1Q discussion from Facebook Q to replace P for Juniors ? This is the piece Sevak is talking about The talking F1P and E-36 what have… Continue reading SEN 3091

SEN 3090

SCAT Annual SCAT Annual What’s next for Scatters and our friends , the SCAT Annual Contest at Lost Hills.  Just enough time for this current bit of weather to settle… Continue reading SEN 3090