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SEN 3058

Len Surtees at the Ike Dead 47? Dipping into the past Len Surtees at the Ike Australian HLG champion Len Surtees is bringing several updated aluminium wing 32″ TLG ARF… Continue reading SEN 3058

SEN 3057

Icarex at Fab Feb Fab Feb Update Norcal Champs Icarex at Fab Feb From: Eitan Habba I will bring with me to Fab Feb Japanese Icarex. Available colors are: Black… Continue reading SEN 3057

SEN 3056

Rubber at Fab Feb Other Stuff at Fab Feb Winding – does it matter ? MiniNeurone news Rubber Kerfuffle Rubber at Fab Feb FAI Model Supply will be providing rubber… Continue reading SEN 3056

SEN 3055

Splitting hairs or when someone else winds matters Are we having fun yet? First Fab Feb award … Fab Feb Info Kiwi F1E Cup at Fab feb , Detailed info.… Continue reading SEN 3055

SEN 3054

NFFS F1D Stressed Winding ? Which rule ? NFFS F1D The excellent NFFS blog on F1D World Champs and more F1D  is at Stressed Winding  ? From:NICK BOSDET Dear Alex,… Continue reading SEN 3054

SEN 3053

Fab Feb 2023 Sign up North American California F1E Ike Winter Classic Fab Feb Online Sign up As in 3052 Is available at Additional Information is below  for the remaining … Continue reading SEN 3053

SEN 3052

Fab Feb 2023 Sign up Kiwi Cup MaxMen Fab Feb Online Sign up Is available at Additional Information is below  for some of the events and more will follow… Continue reading SEN 3052

SEN 3051

Can anyone explain? F1D W/C in Romania Can anyone explain? From : Alex Andriukov Can anyone explain what is the purpose of the motor winding rule. I can understand the… Continue reading SEN 3051

SEN 3050

Managing who winds The 2022 FAI Arizona FF Championships Fab Feb Managing who winds From: Teppo Hallo! It is Team managers job to show timekeepers that contestant winds the rubber… Continue reading SEN 3050

SEN 3049

My Connections Sporting Code section ? My Connections From Glider Boohmer Dear Mr Magic, I think I have a bad connection between my brain and the World. Can you work… Continue reading SEN 3049