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Whoops – wrong link Whoops mistake in the link The Indoor Nats is at not whatever was in 2989

SEN 2989

Hot Hills Indoor Nats Online Lost Hills in the summer From:Dave Mayer Hi Roger: I am a very old, old free flight flyer. 83. My flying Guru is Toshi Hatazawa … Continue reading SEN 2989

SEN 2988

Scandinavian Free Flight Week Bob HATSCHEK – Correction -SEN 2987 Scandinavian Free Flight Week From: Per Findahl Tue, May 24 at 11:48 PM Registration for the Scandinavian Free Flight Week… Continue reading SEN 2988

SEN 2987

NFFS Activities Hatcheck – International Challenge NFFS Activities From: David Lindley As Gene Ulm noted in the recent SEN, NFFS membership has continued to RISE even through COVID. Those NFFS… Continue reading SEN 2987

SEN 2986

USA NATs UPDATE Lee at The Nats NFFS Rising Photos of Leeper Viktor Pisanny got sick USA NATs UPDATE Planning on attending the NATs? please get registered… Lee at The… Continue reading SEN 2986

SEN 2985

32nd Annual Nor Cal–America’s Cup Events April 29-May 1, 2022 Hatschek International Challenge NFFS and USA Teams Lifting Vortex Use your Vortex Lee unwarped me) Lee Hines 32nd Annual Nor… Continue reading SEN 2985

SEN 2984

CIAM Lee Hines – Mr. Baseball LEE HINES Where is your Vortex Waegell  Wind CIAM From: FFn The Plenary remote voting on the technical proposals has just been completed. The… Continue reading SEN 2984

SEN 2983

Coach I only knew him for 11 years Leaper First met him at the Taft  Champs Coach From: Jim  Parker Lee Hines Memory “Coach” At a not so past contest,… Continue reading SEN 2983

SEN 2982

Lee Hines Four beloved skyscrapers have now passed in this last month Dave Acton Wind blew Dual Club event to November Lee Hines It is with much sadness that we… Continue reading SEN 2982

SEN 2981

Fundamentals Auto Appreciating others … Bill Bogart and more Fundamentals From:Gilbert Morris Things a bit slow right now? Now might be a good time to brush up on fundamentals. Check… Continue reading SEN 2981