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SEN 2967

Ukraine – You are in our thoughts Fab Feb Thanks Ukraine The invasion of Ukraine has heart breaking for all of us who have friends there and many of us… Continue reading SEN 2967

SEN 2966

Tom Faith’s second Kiwi Cup Album Merry Smith’s Photo – Trying again Tom Faith’s second Kiwi Cup Album at Merry Smith’s Photos Trying again People reported not being able to … Continue reading SEN 2966

SEN 2965

Quote and Correction Ton Faith’s Ike Photos Merry Smith  views Fab Feb Congratulations F1B Re: MaxMen F1B Your SEN Subscription Quote and Correction From the FaceBook by Derek McGuckin Insane… Continue reading SEN 2965

SEN 2964

MaxMen F1B Result MaxMen World Cup F1B Result Hi guys, We have a result! We ran a 10 minute fly off at 9:30 in the morning after caravaning all over… Continue reading SEN 2964

SEN 2963

MaxMen Update With a little help from my friends … MaxMen Update In case you are wondering why no F1B Results yet .. F1B flyoff this morning, but wind has… Continue reading SEN 2963

SEN 2962

MaxMen Sunday MaxMen F1B MaxMen F1C MaxMen F1B Tom Faith’s Kiwi Cup Photos MaxMen F1A result corrected MaxMen International World Cup F1B F1P and F1C F1C Finished  F1P Finished  F1B… Continue reading SEN 2962

SEN 2961

MaxMen F1A Results MaxMen F1Q Results The Printer reports on the Journalist.  MaxMen International World Cup  F1A and F1Q Final Results CD Marty Schroedter F1A Max->     240 240  180  180 … Continue reading SEN 2961

SEN 2960

Maxmen FAI Mini Events Maxmen International Mini Events Lost Hills Feb 2022                                             F1H Max->   120 120  120 120 120   180  240 Name             Country R1  R2  R3   R4  R5    FO3 … Continue reading SEN 2960

SEN 2959

Cal Cup F1E Results CALIFORNIA CUP F1E Lost Hills 17 Feb 2022                          150     99     150     150     150      Total Percentage 1  Per Findahl     SWE   124     86      99     150     150 82.67% … Continue reading SEN 2959

SEN 2958

North American Cup – Results North American Cup Final Results Drift from the West and a little cold.  Flew by trees on our land.         F1A         CountryRD 1 RD 2… Continue reading SEN 2958