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SEN 2944

EDIC-WG approved Sidus EL energy limiter for the FAI F1Q class Nelson Glow Plugs /  F1J Carbon Tailbooms for Sale Where is Lost Hills Isaacson Winter Classic EDIC-WG approved Sidus… Continue reading SEN 2944

SEN 2943

Answers on altimeters Answers on altimeters From: Allard The suffix  behind the user’s FAI ID number on each All-Tee is described in the manual (yes I know, it is hard… Continue reading SEN 2943

SEN 2942

Must have a Unique ID – it does More Altimeter stuff A Further Lost Hills Update Must have a Unique ID – it does From: Allard Hi, To Alex question:… Continue reading SEN 2942

SEN 2941

All-Tee Question Lost Hills Article in Bakersfield Website All-Tee Question From:Alex Andriukov All-Tee Altimeter question. How about second hand altimeters? Say I buy one from somebody, but it has his… Continue reading SEN 2941

SEN 2940

Fab Feb Sign Up FAI Model Supply Super Sport Rubber at Fab Feb Upcoming Flying Neuron Roger Barron passing Fab Feb Sign Up For the FAI events you sign up… Continue reading SEN 2940

SEN 2939

America’s Cup 2022 USA Sportsmen wanting to buy All-Tee America’s Cup 2022 2022 AmCup Competition Rule changes Up front for those that don’t read long messages. The 2022 AmCup sanction… Continue reading SEN 2939


World Cup 2021 – Results World Cup 2021 – Thanks Last and First World Cup 2021 – Results Here are top 6 in each class F1A 1     Per Findahl             SWE … Continue reading SEN2938