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SEN 2919

CIAM Submissions CIAM Submission – everyone Rule changes for F1D, F1P, F1Q, F1N and provisional classes eligible for change at the up coming CIAM 2022 Plenary  you need to get… Continue reading SEN 2919

SEN 2918

20- 20 Hindsight 2021 FAI FF AmCup Report— 3 contest to go Back Off 20- 20 Hindsight Part of the recent confusion around altimeters is due to people not being… Continue reading SEN 2918

SEN 2917

3 All-Tee or rather Certified Altimeter  Items Skyscrapers apparel 3 All-Tee or rather Certified Altimeter  Items These Items are from the All-Tee group on Face Book. On this group there… Continue reading SEN 2917

SEN 2916

Kiwi Bs at Dawn Top Dudes Kiwi F1B Dawn Flyoff – Photos from Tom Faith Results reminder 1     Sevak Malkhasyan 1867 2     Charlie Jones 1781 3     Tony Mathews 1767… Continue reading SEN 2916

SEN 2915

North American Cup On Keeping up the tech help… North American Cup America’s Cup Lost Hills – Last FAI Outstanding and Endless October Event CD Report We had a little… Continue reading SEN 2915

SEN 2914

MaxMen International World Cup Keep up the tech help MaxMen Mini Events MaxMen International World Cup Lost Hills, CA F1A                1    2    3    4    5    6    7               Total  Place Ken… Continue reading SEN 2914

SEN 2912

Sierra Cup Mini Events Fora engine for sale Altimeter use confusion Sierra Cup Mini Events F1G Jerry Fitch         120  120  120  120  120  180  240  291 1311   1 Evgeny Gorban      … Continue reading SEN 2912

SEN 2911

Altimeters, how we got here Reminder Kotuku World Cup F1E Thanks to Allard Read the Sporting Code Altimeters, how we got here From:Ian Kaynes Roger A contribution to the altimeter… Continue reading SEN 2911

SEN 2910

The Swiss F1E Team Elimination Final Just some remarks on the ongoing altimeter discussion Editorial Disclaimer Plus The Swiss F1E Team Elimination Final From:William Damerell Hallo Roger, Greetings frpm a… Continue reading SEN 2910

SEN 2909

Sierra Cup F1E Oh my goodness the rules have changed Sierra Cup F1E Name              Round 1     Round 2     Round 3     Round 4     Round 5    Total %Place Gorban  Evgeny    150 100.00 … Continue reading SEN 2909