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SEN 2897

My  Perfect planks from FB; though this is a nice thank you to Pim Ruyter Patterson My  Perfect planks From:Martin Gregorie The best building boards I’ve ever had were made… Continue reading SEN 2897

SEN 2893

NFFS + Science Olympics Building Board Maintenance and Care? Reaching out and More Reaching out further NFFS + Science Olympics See link to this activity we mentioned in a previous… Continue reading SEN 2893

SEN 2892

RC return to flight line Our biggest challenge NATS 2022 DATES ANNOUNCED RC return to flight line ( we actually said Automated) From: Dave Edmonson I tried it with an… Continue reading SEN 2892

SEN 2891

Rebutal – No rules is ideal? Lesson from the past I want Mr Findahl as my school teacher Rebutal – No rules is ideal? From:Gil  Morris Roger, thank you for… Continue reading SEN 2891

SEN 2890

20 Years ago, part 2 – non-Drone UAS About It’s There Already Unintended Consequences Going back is seldom the answer. Please put your flamethrowers away 20 Years ago, part 2… Continue reading SEN 2890

SEN 2889

One clarification, One Example It’s there already Carl Bogart’s thoughts About 20 years ago One Clarification, One Example In the Tipping, Crossing article with it’s business references I should have… Continue reading SEN 2889