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SEN 2888

An approach Link to FFTSC White paper Cool it An approach From:Carl Bogart Dear Roger, As an ex F1C flyer I’ve been following the discussions of what to do about… Continue reading SEN 2888

SEN 2887

20-20 Hind sight Altimer section All locked up – in the past? Fun meter pegged What the other guys do In The Press Finally 20-20 Hind sight In reading the… Continue reading SEN 2887

SEN 2886

Great You need to leap Lock it all up Alt Action Flying Electrons North American Cup Kiwi Cup Isaacson Winter in October Classic Kiwi Cup F1E Altimter section Great From:gary… Continue reading SEN 2886

SEN 2885

We have reached tipping point, when we will cross the chasm? Rocky Mountain FF Champs 2021 Altitude …is not everything Addressing the Dilemma Home by noon Good News We have… Continue reading SEN 2885

SEN 2884

All the best Pre-Flyoff Flight to the ground Duration is the Target Altimeter Flyoffs Leonard “Len” Kendy All the best From:Michael Achterberg Congratulations Hank! Happy Bday. Thermals, Michael   Pre-Flyoff… Continue reading SEN 2884

SEN 2883

Hall of Fame Member Henry “Hank” Cole Turns the Century Mark! 50 km  and missed the water Altitude, or duration and … Hall of Fame Member Henry “Hank” Cole Turns… Continue reading SEN 2883

SEN 2882

One Detail I forgot and point I should clarify Good Example of All-Tee in real life USFFC US Air settings Good Example of All-Tee in real life From: Allard Van… Continue reading SEN 2882

SEN 2881

All-Tee Doc Settings is Key Lost Hills Motels  F1E Meisterschaft The All-Tee Achievement All-Tee Doc We forgot to post the link to the manual   Settings is Key From:… Continue reading SEN 2881

SEN 2880

Operation of the All-Tee altimeter The Pathway AMA Nats FF intro http://www.modelaircraft.orgOperation of the All-Tee altimeter From: Allard van Wallene Operation of the All-Tee altimeter Principle: Most if not all… Continue reading SEN 2880

SEN 2879

Two faces of All-Tee From the All-Tee Altimeter group on FB Altimeter Q for Allard Two faces of All-Tee The reason All-Tee was designed was provide a a certified, accurate… Continue reading SEN 2879