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SEN 2831

LOST HILLS CONTEST SCHEDULE FOR FALL 2021 Radio/Scanner for sale More BOM LOST HILLS CONTEST SCHEDULE FOR FALL 2021 (+ ADJACENT MEETS ) September 4 – 6:             … Continue reading SEN 2831

SEN 2830

World First for BoM Super Magic 6 World First for BoM WARNING  This has a link to You Tube Video.  This video is by a Scottish standup comic who is… Continue reading SEN 2830

SEN 2829

FAI News CIAM Bureau message News from AMA Molex Pico Blade EAD  and us FAI News From: Ian Kaynes To organisers of F1 World Cup competitions The message below has… Continue reading SEN 2829

SEN 2828

Swedish Moose Cup -21 World Cup Start Delayed Swedish Moose Cup -21 From:Per Findahl I’m sorry to announce that we will not be able to run Swedish Moose cup (In… Continue reading SEN 2828

SEN 2827

Fast Q Confusion FAST Q or SLOW Q I like the Kv rating Latest CIAM Flyer is out Fast Q Confusion We must apologize if we have inadvertently created any… Continue reading SEN 2827

SEN 2826

Fast Q and R/C and FF Compared Volunteers for the 2021 US Outdoor Free Flight Nationals (July 25-29, 2021) Q for the World Champs World Q vs Fast Q Fast… Continue reading SEN 2826

SEN 2825

Champion Q,S and whaterever on the FB Fast Q   Championship  Q,S and whaterever on the FB Recently there have been a few streams of discussion on the FaceBook about… Continue reading SEN 2825

SEN 2824

Not Fab Feb Reminder Others have them too. Haggis timer? Searching for a Tracker ( does that sound right ?) Not Fab Feb Reminder The Fab Feb – contests –… Continue reading SEN 2824

SEN 2823

International Travel aka  SEN 2822 F1S (and F1Q) ESC News Time in the Engineering Lab International Travel aka  SEN 2822 From: Michael J Woodhouse A weekend flying in Norway equals… Continue reading SEN 2823

SEN 2822

ICS-Files with all events Danish Winter Cup and Eagle Cup postponed ICS-Files with all events From:Bernhard Schwendemann ICS-Files including all events for your calendar On the web-page of Thermiksense there… Continue reading SEN 2822