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SEN 2805

F1A safety On F1A proposal The Jama Flop What is a Launching Device Lorbiecki Roll F1A safety by Jama Danier Spectacular  altitudes attained by high energy launching are amazing and exciting to… Continue reading SEN 2805

SEN 2803

F1A proposal Accidentally From the inventor It hurts me less & who said this ? F1A proposal editor This is SEN has some comments on the proposed no falling over… Continue reading SEN 2803

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FAA and AMA news FAI News FAA and AMA news The FAA just published their plans for the management of UAVs and that includes all forms of unmanned aircraft in… Continue reading SEN 2802

SEN 2801

Honda Trail 90 for sale A note of thanks For Sale 1972 Honda Trail 90.  Recent tune-up includes new battery, carb cleaned and tuned, new air box.  Runs great, starts… Continue reading SEN 2801

SEN 2800

No Panic Lost Juniors ? USA Finals – when, where, who, how Positive personal progress The Issues No Panic From: Sergey Makarov I absolute agree with Ismet, no panic: “we… Continue reading SEN 2800

SEN 2799

Redirecting the Titanic COVID-19 AND 2021 FREE FLIGHT WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS, LET’S KEEP THE HOPE Unofficially … Redirecting the Titanic Aram Schlosberg . Selecting a free flight team is the easiest… Continue reading SEN 2799

SEN 2798

Mauricio Zito Lucid Reluctant Contrary Mauricio Zito From: hobbyclub QEPD…Mauricio Zito, F1C Argentina Alberto Dona QEPD Spanish abbreviation for. ( que en paz descanse) Rest in Peace. Lucid From:gary pope… Continue reading SEN 2798

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Kirda not Korda Bad dad joke ? Comments on Ed’s letter Mutating Ed’s Comments More Microbes Instant B prop start – lost proof ? Kirda not Korda Found on the FaceBook… Continue reading SEN 2797

SEN 2796

Open letter to F1 sportspeople USA Team Selection Issue 4/2020 of Thermiksense Open letter to F1 sportspeople From: Ed Carroll December 20, 2020 Dear F1 Sportspeople, I have decided to… Continue reading SEN 2796

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2020 FAI FF AmCup Bill Hannan The 2020 FAI Arizona FF Championships 2020 America’s Cup Full Results 2020 FAI FF AmCup The 2020 FAI FF AmCup season is complete.  The… Continue reading SEN 2795