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SEN 2773

Gil’s request Buying, Selling, Asking Zooming to South America Gil’s request From:Michael Achterberg Hello all. Seems like we already have that in F1c. Be nice if we just had a… Continue reading SEN 2773

SEN 2772

More on USFFC More on the Late Peter King Automatic engine run timer More on USFFC From: Ed Carroll Additional COVID 19 Mediation Information for the US Free Flight Championships… Continue reading SEN 2772

SEN 2771

Estate sale of model engines Back in Business USFFC – Update and reminder Estate sale of model engines From:Brian Eggleston Hello Roger (Mr. Sen), Could you please include this request… Continue reading SEN 2771

SEN 2770

Swiss F1E Champs Don’t forget –flying is going on so    talk about – report it Doug’s Stuff at the USFFC – LH America’s Cup CDs Harvest Classic 2020 MODIFIED SCHEDULE… Continue reading SEN 2770

SEN 2769

Fab Feb 2021 How about this ? Looking for older gen AA Hubs Fab Feb 2021 We have had some enquiries and received some input about Fab Feb in 2021.… Continue reading SEN 2769

SEN 2768

44th Annual Sierra Cup KOTUKU CUP In the press – NFFS Sympo 2020 44th Annual Sierra Cup An FAI Free Flight America’s Cup Event October 8-12, 2020 Sponsored by the… Continue reading SEN 2768

SEN 2767

Broken or rather twisted link in SEN 2766 USA Junior team support 2020-MMM-RMFFC-Ruckus Looking for Broken or rather twisted link in SEN 2766 A reader reported that the link to… Continue reading SEN 2767

SEN 2766

Peter King Covid and Free Flight – FAI Survey Harvest Classic Peter King From: Chris Edge · Sorry to report the passing of Peter King, well known to us here… Continue reading SEN 2766