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SEN 2746

Engine vibration A Dozen ? Balance One, six, twelve, … or the real elephant in the corner Engine vibration From:Klaus Salzer Low vibrations do not need 6 cylinders (though I… Continue reading SEN 2746

SEN 2745

Need 6 cylinders to balance ? Wanted older F1A Electronic fuselages Updated Skyscraper Annual Schedule for June 27-28 Need 6 cylinders to balance ? From:Peter Martin I did wonder what… Continue reading SEN 2745

SEN 2744

COVID and FF NFFS  on Nats and COVID What’s Happening now and Suggestions to CDs Spinning Newton Partying Newton Latest on MMM 14-Round Contest in Denver, July 11-12 COVID and… Continue reading SEN 2744

SEN 2743

Newton 1, 2, 3, and 4 Bike and more for sale Newton 1 From:Tony Robertson In answer to Gil Morris’s question, the answer is yes it takes energy to reverse… Continue reading SEN 2743

SEN 2742

Directions to Casino Cup Flying Field Newtonian Trivia for F1C Dad Directions to Casino Cup Flying Field From : Jack  Murphy Brian has asked for directions to the flying field… Continue reading SEN 2742

SEN 2741

The NFFS Sympo Link MMM 14 Round Contest The NFFS Sympo The NFFS Symposium is published during the summer.  You can be become a patron or order advancd copies –… Continue reading SEN 2741

SEN 2740

Casino Cup Update CIAM Update Robert Guilloteau TLGs for sale Casino Cup Update From: Murphy, Jack Roger, The big three Wendover Casinos have announced their re-opening on June 4-5. I… Continue reading SEN 2740