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SEN 2739

Don Zink WTB; Czech Plastic Circle-tow/Zoom towhooks… Don Zink From: Vasily Beschasny With big sadness I have to inform FF community and RC people that we lost few hours ago… Continue reading SEN 2739

SEN 2738

Lost Hills Update Days Inn Oct 2020 Reservations Hatscheck International Challenge MMM 14-Round Contest, July 10-12 Lost Hills Update Positive news – Highway construction finished and new El Toro Loco… Continue reading SEN 2738

SEN 2737

I’m in the Q Good Wishes to all from the North Maybe Later (very) Local News I’m in the Q From:Teppo Sarpila Hallo Roger! I agree 100%, what Per and… Continue reading SEN 2737

SEN 2736

About the F1Q-rules – an answer to Dino Whizzzz if you want it Qualification for US Team Finals About the F1Q-rules – an answer to Dino From:Per Grunnet When the… Continue reading SEN 2736

SEN 2735

Not enough Whizzzz? I Like it – Besides….air is still air!! Stability and Familarity Casino Cupdate – moving ahead 28th Annual Spring Cup – Texas weather update Not enough Whizzzz?… Continue reading SEN 2735

SEN 2734

Hatschek Memorial Contest May 17 Summer Contest Development of F1Q – thoughts from Dietrich Sauter  on FB Hatschek Memorial Contest May 17 From:Andrew Barron Dear Free flight friends, Some of… Continue reading SEN 2734

SEN 2733

More from Guido Fea Is this one ? THERMIKSENSE 1/2020 as download More from Guido Fea From:Simon Dixon Montreal stop I have just built an Italian vintage coupe from 1952… Continue reading SEN 2733

SEN 2732

In Canada In Italy In Canada From:Michael Woodhouse Back in the late 50’s and early 60’s I was in correspondence with the Montreal Club. We used to run an annual… Continue reading SEN 2732

SEN 2731

Montreal Stop 72nd Annual Inter City Meet Moved Montreal Stop From: Christian Schwartzbach Hello Roger, I hope you can find space in SEN for this: My old friend and fellow… Continue reading SEN 2731