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SEN 2676

Weighed, weighed, numbered and divided Into the Lion’s Den with a crumpet and spruce spar Ballast and performance Polyspan at Lost Hills Weighed, weighed, numbered and divided* From: Gavin Manion… Continue reading SEN 2676

SEN 2675

FAI news Woe, not this year for me P-30 minimum weight FAI news From: Ian Kaynes Roger The January 7th  announcement below from the FAI concerns suspended members. Unless they… Continue reading SEN 2675

SEN 2674

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SEN 2673

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SEN 2672

World Cup 2019 World Cup 2020 More weighty Stuff World Cup 2019     F1A 1            Per Findahl                       SWE 2            Mikhail Kosonozhkin      RUS 3            Anton Gorsky                   RUS 4            Ivan Bezak                        SVK 5           … Continue reading SEN 2672

SEN 2671

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