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SEN 2512

Second life for old style Nordic wings Use the Interweb to get to the right demographic The right demographic ? Adelaide is right on target! Second life for old style… Continue reading SEN 2512

SEN 2511

Dinosaurs evolved into birds and can fly QUO  VADIS. Argentine team 2019 Inside STEM Dinosaurs evolved into  birds and can fly  From: Adelaide machado ulm I saw the correspondence going… Continue reading SEN 2511

SEN 2510

Last of the Dinosaurs ? Simplify – how and why Online Entry for Fab Feb 2019 World Champs Prep Last of the Dinosaurs ? From:Michael Achterberg Hi.Our problem in multi… Continue reading SEN 2510

SEN 2509

Shed #5 Motor Bike for Sale Innovation – Yes ,  Retro – ? Shed #5 From : Brian Van Nest Lost Hills Motorcycle storage in new Shed #5 available mid… Continue reading SEN 2509

SEN 2508

Bulletins 0 and 1 Danish team for 2019 at Lost Hills On the Sympo Argentina Team for Lost Hills 2019 Bulletins 0 and 1 From:Ian Kaynes Roger Re Bulletin for… Continue reading SEN 2508

SEN 2507

NFFS 2019 CALL FOR PAPERS USA 2019 Indoor Nationals in Arizona 2019 WC Bulletin 0 NFFS 2019 CALL FOR PAPERS Model aircraft have evolved for centuries and it is not… Continue reading SEN 2507

SEN 2506

Patterson Results Patterson results From: Brian VanNest PATTERSON 2018 had great weather, Bar B Q, new flyers and returning flyers. PATTERSON              NOV 111-Nov              BRIAN VANNEST CD F1A                    Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3 Rnd4… Continue reading SEN 2506

SEN 2505

2019 FAI FF World Championships – Travel Info “C”mon SEN 2504 correction Lost Hills storage shed #2 2019 FAI FF World Championships – Travel Info Any one needing an invitation letter from… Continue reading SEN 2505

SEN 2504

Remembering Paul Remembering Ismail Corrected SouthWest FAI Challenge S at Boulder How many Cs Gizmo Geezer Update Remembering Paul From:Richard Blackam Paul Lagan I was incredibly saddened to hear of… Continue reading SEN 2504

SEN 2503

Paul Lagan Ismail Sarioglu Whoops SW FAI at Boulder City, NV Paul Lagan It is with much sadness that we heard of the passing of Paul Lagan on 6 November… Continue reading SEN 2503