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SEN 2467

Not the best way to end the competition, but accepted F1ABC E/C blog at Thermiksense has started Sunday morning flights to the ground Not the best way to end the… Continue reading SEN 2467

SEN 2466

October at Lost Hills Report of Black Cup Contest at Lost Hills About the Launch Height Reduction Suggestions How about this? Weak Links Again Free Flight Quarterly #68 has appeared… Continue reading SEN 2466

SEN 2465

Wind breaks the weak link Bror’s Words In response to Martin More Martin Before you throw stone Wind breaks the weak link. From: john carter Reply to Martin The weak… Continue reading SEN 2465

SEN 2464

Just the Weather Nobody Complained Foul weather flyoffs. [D/t] Flyoff from a pile … Jr. World Champs Reporting Just the Weather From:Stuart Darmon Wind, rain, and poor visibility are not… Continue reading SEN 2464

SEN 2463

D/T Fly Off Thoughts Model performance reduction and model performance measurement Pieter de Boer R.I.P. The German Freeflight Magazine has relaunched it’s webpage Swedish Suggestions MMM 14 rounder report D/T… Continue reading SEN 2463

SEN 2462

DT clarification No points for a slide Talk to the Elephant in the corner For those who have never seen an elephant on a free flight field. DT clarification From:… Continue reading SEN 2462

SEN 2461

Pieter de Boer USA F1E Team for next year Step and do something DT flyoffs one more time Pieter de Boer Dutch sportsmen report the death of popular and well… Continue reading SEN 2461

SEN 2460

DT fly offs Take a Fresh Look Looking for a particular F1B E-Timer RIP Bob Norton Next SCAT Black Cup reminder DT fly offs From:Allard van Wallene Another 3 World… Continue reading SEN 2460

SEN 2459

Observation from the sideline F1C Timing The ‘18 Nats are also a World Cup event! Observation from the sideline From:Terry Thorkildsen Seems like if they are going to now check… Continue reading SEN 2459

SEN 2458

Class F1C. Maximum duration of motor run in 21st century. Timer battery Testing On stopping the watch Class F1C. Maximum duration of motor run in 21st century.        Nowadays without… Continue reading SEN 2458